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ClearView’s award-winning ANPR solution brings an industry-leading new standard of reliability and precision to vehicle monitoring and access control.

With a minimum accuracy of 98%, GateREG intelligently monitors approaching vehicles, matching the registration numbers with the information in its inbuilt proprietary database and displaying selected details, such as vehicle make/model, driver’s name and image. A networked system, GateREG can accept an unlimited number of ANPR and overview cameras and boasts the ability to automatically read reliably at high speeds, in the dark and with glare created by vehicle headlights.

GateREG’s array of innovative features gives you the power to:

  • Read UK and many foreign number plates
  • Detect vehicle brand and colour
  • Record all vehicle site activity with multiple overview camera images
  • Provide graphical reports on vehicle speed, journey times, stay times, flow rates and entry/exit balances
  • Control vehicle barriers, gates, traffic lights, and message signs
  • Provide automatic entry via a gate or barrier for whitelisted or recognised vehicles
  • Automatically consult third-party databases: parking payment machines, access control, weighbridge systems, and UK Police National Computer

Our diverse range of powerful ANPR cameras are available for maximum ease of installation, utilising variable intensity IR-lam, fast-shutter and remote zoom lens control.

Our team of specialist engineers and project managers will support you through the complete design and installation of your bespoke ANPR solution, making sure you have the perfect fit for your requirements. And our ongoing maintenance and 24/7 support helpline means your premises will remain protected, giving you complete peace of mind.


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