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Did you know that over 90% of all alarm activations are false? Never be unnecessarily called out again, with ClearView’s secure and reliable keyholding solutions.

Our keyholders will attend your premises out of hours. All keyholders are trained in the operation of intruder alarm systems and will ensure all parts of your premises are safe.

With a ClearView keyholding solution you can rest assured that your premises are completely safe, with features including:

  • Fully trained and SIA approved keyholders
  • Timed locking and unlocking of your premises
  • CCTV remote monitoring and effective response to any incident
  • Complete protection of your site 24/7/365

On receipt of an intruder alarm activation, our call centre will immediately task a response vehicle to your premises to investigate. A full check of the site will be conducted and should the alarm be verified as false, our response officer will reset your alarm system and re-secure the premises.

Should the alarm activation be a genuine break-in, we will initiate a series of pre-agreed escalation procedures - such as contacting emergency customer keyholders, notifying the police and arranging a boarding-up team to secure the premises.

With our comprehensive and secure keyholding solutions, the stress of intruders and alarms is taken off your shoulders.


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