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Video Enhancement

Video Enhancement

As a recognised world leader in video enhancement solutions, ClearView work with clients including the UK police force, legal firms, and other agencies that require powerful and precise forensic video solutions.

With the capability to read virtually all CCTV analogue multiplexed and digital formats and process all forms of analogue and digital metal, ClearView's video enhancement and processing solutions include:

  • Averaging & Integration
  • Brightness & Contrast
  • Colour Correction
  • Zoom & Rotate
  • Field Alignment
  • Filters
  • Joining & Scripting
  • Masking & Tracking
  • Image comparison

With media handled securely, using a fully audited procedure, ClearView's services include digital media decoding, video format conversions, file retrieval and verification, video tape de-multiplexing and expert opinions.


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