Thermal CCTV Camera Systems – Essex, UK

For any high-risk area where lighting is minimal, the thermal CCTV camera arms you with a powerful solution to recognise the presence of both humans and vehicles to keep your premises secure.

Thermal imaging cameras can now be used where standard CCTV cameras fail to perform optimally – they are no longer reserved for specialist military applications.

Thermal imaging cameras see even the slightest change in temperature providing immediate recognition of intruders or threats. They take the thermal energy emitted from a body and convert it into an image that is visible.

The thermal contrast among objects in low-visible-light conditions provides the information necessary to quickly make informed decisions – information that standard visible light cameras cannot deliver. Thermal cameras require no illumination. Shadows, which intruders often use to hide or move in, are thus eliminated.

With the technology provided by thermal imagers, the ability to see in pitch darkness and penetrate fog is possible. With the correct optics human size figures can be detected from as far as 30 km.

Benefits of Thermal v Optical cameras

  • Fewer cameras need to be installed to cover the same area
  • No lighting or infrared illuminators are required
  • Operational in all weather conditions.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Extremely difficult to escape detection

ClearView can provide reliable, robust and high quality thermal cameras for security applications that demand the very best performance. Precision engineered to exacting standards, our thermal camera range comes with a variety of options in order to offer a best fit solution for your operational requirement.

Cameras are available in IP66, IP67 and IP68 in Vandal Resistant, Marine or explosion proof format.

Thermal CCTV Camera Installation & Maintenance

Formed in 1996, with 20,000 sq ft headquarters in Chelmsford, Essex, ClearView specialise in designing, supply and maintaining an extensive range of thermal imaging CCTV camera systems. We partner with a number of leading manufacturers, including FLIR, Pelco and Axis.

Additional manufacturers that we have experience installing are: Honeywell, Avigilon, HikVision, IndigoVision, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Redvision, WEC, Altron, Ganz, BBV, Pelco, Eneo, Raytec, Tecton, Mobotix, NVT, Videoswitch, Heitel, Qnap, Verint, Pentax and Dedicated Micros.

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