Thurrock Council


Objective: Cost effective CCTV system in Thurrock, Essex

Thurrock Council wanted to reduce crime rates and anti-social behaviour. However the existing surveillance equipment was unreliable and expensive to maintain, which was also taking up a lot of police and council staff time to review the poor quality footage.


Thurrock Council’s existing recording system had 220 motion-activated CCTV cameras. They all had local fixed storage capacity which meant that all storage memory was swiftly taken up in busy locations and critical evidence was sometimes overwritten.

These images often took three days to view, which meant the Council needed a more reliable system which met their strict budgetary constraints.

The ClearView Solution

Finding the best and most flexible system To minimise costs, the original analog cameras were retained and linked to a new and reliable central backup system with a large amount of memory.

Live and recorded images were then set up to be transmitted over cable, fibre and wireless IP networks to the new easy-to-use footage retrieval system installed in the modernised control room.

This meant that all images received were of much higher quality and footage could be easily duplicated onto DVD, for use as evidence. Five re-deployable cameras were also provided, which could be placed anywhere within the borough to transmit live and recorded footage to the control room using mobile phone networks.

We are delighted with the outcome, not least the time saved by my team and the fact that it has proved to be very cost-effective. ClearView were very supportive throughout the design and installation process. We have seen a significant improvement in the operation and quality of our CCTV.” Gary Weatherly – CCTV Manager, Thurrock Council

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