Waste & Refuse Site Security

Waste sites require comprehensive security to keep their staff, vehicles and premises safe. In addition, rising prices for waste materials, such as scrap metal, are increasing theft rates and a need for intelligent security at waste management sites

How can security technology assist waste and management organisations?

  • Improved site and perimeter security
  • Logging time, attendance of staff and vehicles to different site areas
  • Prevent commercial companies from using sites intended for domestic users
  • Improve health and safety for clients and site personnel
  • Provide traffic count data to help with site planning
  • Monitor external contractor’s usage of sites
  • Monitoring of vehicle speed on site
  • Quicker resolution of disputes and problems (ie spilt fuel)

ClearView have installed security systems to the public and private sector waste management organisations. Typically, these include:

Waste & Refuse ANPR Solutions

Weighbridge Integration

Waste and refuse site Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a powerful tool for weighbridge-based operations, especially at remote or unmanned installations. Advances in ANPR technologies have led to increased integration of this technology with weighbridge software.

ClearView’s GateREG ANPR systems allow total monitoring of a contractors’ usage of waste sites and the automatic generation of a comprehensive invoice. Digitally recorded images are retained for use in case of dispute. GateREG cameras can read number plates on dirty vehicles and in poor light conditions. Illegal plates can also be detected.

This system saves waste companies significant time in administration. ANPR is integrated to the weighbridges so trucks can automatically proceed when their number is approved. They weigh in, are directed to tip their load and weighed out.

This system also improves security enabling the CCTV operators to control traffic and follow each truck’s movements through the site, to pro-actively manage the site.

With over 20 years of security experience and expertise, our team of accredited engineers can provide system design, installation and support services.


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