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People Counting

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Retailers and visitor attractions require accurate people counting and behavioural analytics to benefit from key business insights.

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Accurate People Counting Systems & Analytics

ClearView’s people counting system not only counts the number of visitors to a specific location, but also provides statistics for new and return visitors, average visit duration and visit frequency.

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Business Intelligence
Critical Profit & Efficiency Information

The People Counter accurately counts the number of people moving through shops, schools, banks, sports and transport facilities, prisons, museums, visitor attractions, airports and car parks. This data is invaluable to organisations requiring key performance indicators such as footfall, customer to sales conversion ratios, marketing Cost per Thousand, and Shoppers per Square Metre (SSM) which can be measured in real-time. Analysis of these metrics can provide critical profit and efficiency information to the retailer.

Transforming CCTV for
Accurate Detection

The system uses standard CCTV cameras which can operate stand alone or be networked together to produce a map of visitor numbers across a shopping centre for a whole retail chain. People counting CCTV cameras connect to a standard central PC over an existing IP network.

The system accurately detects and records entries, exits, queues and waiting times allowing you to detect how long people spend in one place and how often that place was visited. This lets you test the effectiveness of new displays, compare one display with another, evaluate new store layouts, monitor queuing times and track people around a store.

To verify system accuracy, you can see marker lines flash when the system detects someone crossing the counting zone.

How does people counting technology work?
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