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Commercial CCTV solutions that are built for complete security and protection for your staff, property and the general public alike.

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Comprehensive CCTV Installation Services

At ClearView, we understand that every premises is unique and requires a specific CCTV installation solution to ensure maximum security. That’s why we offer a complimentary, no-obligation site survey to determine the vulnerable areas of your property.

Once we have assessed your needs, our team of experts will walk you through the various options and provide guidance on the best CCTV system for your specific situation.

Whether you’re in need of wireless CCTV systems, wired CCTV systems, IP CCTV systems, or 4K CCTV systems, our team of surveyors and installers have the knowledge and experience to help you meet all your business security, safety and management requirements.

Schedule a free site survey by filling out the form or give us a call to speak with a member of our team today. 

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    Commercial Security Camera Installation

    Are you in need of a commercial security camera installation for your business? Our team of experts specialises in the installation and maintenance of commercial CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of your property at a cost-effective price.

    To fully protect your staff and premises, you require a reliable CCTV camera system that is easy to maintain and GDPR compliant.  At ClearView, we tailor CCTV systems to meet your individual needs, optimised to protect your property efficiently and effectively.

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    CCTV Installation Questions Answered

    How can CCTV installation improve the security of my business?

    CCTV installation can improve the security of a business by deterring criminal activity, allowing for remote monitoring of the premises, and providing evidence in the event of a crime.

    Are there any legal requirements for CCTV installation in the UK?

    In the UK, there are legal requirements for CCTV installation, including the need to inform individuals that they are being recorded, and to ensure that any footage is only used for legitimate purposes.

    What are the different types of CCTV cameras available for my business?

    Different types of CCTV cameras available for businesses include dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ cameras, and IP cameras. Each has their own advantages and are suitable for different environments or specific usage

    Specialist Camera Types

    How can I access and view my CCTV footage remotely?

    CCTV footage can be accessed and viewed remotely through a web-based interface or mobile app, as long as the CCTV system is connected to the internet.

    Find out more about CCTV Monitoring

    Can you provide maintenance and support for my CCTV system?

    Yes, we have a variety of options when it comes to the ongoing CCTV maintenance and support for your CCTV system, including troubleshooting and repairs, to ensure that it continues to function properly.

    Find out more about CCTV System Maintenance

    What is the typical cost for CCTV installation for a small to medium sized business in the UK?

    The typical cost for CCTV installation for a small to medium sized business in the UK can vary widely depending on the size of the property, the type of cameras used, and the complexity of the installation. It would be best to contact us directly for a more accurate estimate.

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    CCTV Maintenance

    We provide bespoke CCTV systems to meet your exact requirements.

    CCTV Monitoring Solutions

    Keep an eye on your property and operations at all times.

    Specialist CCTV Systems

    Cameras designed for specific purposes or environments.