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Harness the power of your existing electrical infrastructure for seamless data transmission and communication.

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Revolutionising Connectivity with Seamless Data Transmission

Our Powerline Network technology transforms your mains electricity network into a high-speed data transmission system, delivering seamless communication without the need for additional cabling. Say goodbye to complex installations and high costs associated with traditional networking solutions, and embrace the convenience and efficiency of ClearView’s Powerline Networks

At ClearView, we pride ourselves on offering innovative, cost-effective solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Our Powerline Network technology is designed for a wide range of applications, from CCTV and access control to Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and more. Regardless of your industry or requirements, our team of experts is committed to providing superior connectivity solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. Trust ClearView’s Powerline Networks to keep you connected and future-proof your organization’s communication infrastructure.

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    Innovative Powerline Network Solutions

    ClearView Communications offers cutting-edge Powerline Network solutions, which enable data transmission over your existing mains electricity network.

    By using adapters, we send data signals over the electrical circuit and convert them back into Ethernet signals at the receiving end. This innovative approach to networking eliminates the need for additional cabling and provides a cost-effective solution for various applications.

    Our team of experts can install routers and Powerline adapters to enable Powerline Networks. Routers allow devices to connect to the network, while Powerline adapters facilitate the transmission of data over the electrical circuit. We ensure that your network is optimised for the best possible performance by installing filters and surge protectors, minimising interference and protecting against electrical surges.

    Powerline Networks for Diverse Applications

    Powerline Networks are an ideal solution for various applications, including CCTV, access control, and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). By using Ethernet over Power (EoP) technology, ClearView has successfully implemented Powerline Networks in a range of settings such as local authorities, listed buildings, caravan parks, and commercial sites.

    Our EoP solutions offer quick and cost-effective alternatives for creating IP networks for security applications where it is difficult or expensive to install new signal cables.

    By leveraging your existing electrical infrastructure, our Powerline Network solutions can support additional services, such as wireless network points, VoIP telephony, room control, and asset protection. Trust ClearView Communications to deliver efficient, reliable Powerline Networks tailored to your unique requirements and challenges, empowering your organisation with seamless connectivity and communication.

    Case Study – Douglas Borough Council

    The Douglas Borough Council, the largest local authority in the Isle of Man, opted to implement CCTV at North Quay, the capital’s heart and political centre. The Council employed Viseum Intelligent Moving Cameras (IMCs) for this purpose.

    Despite the late decision to install CCTV cameras after completing the mains power cabling, Ethernet over Power (EoP) technology was utilised to integrate the local electricity infrastructure with the internet and the advanced IMCs. Each auto-tracking camera has an IP address, allowing it to transmit images and telemetry data back to the main control room in Douglas via the mains cable network. Four IMCs are strategically placed along the quayside, monitored from a central control room with digital recording capabilities at both the camera and control room locations.

    Council Leader David Christian, Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee, emphasised the importance of extending CCTV coverage as the North Quay area transforms into a major entertainment and leisure hub. The Council is committed to utilising CCTV to protect the public, deter antisocial behaviour, and provide court evidence. They are also encouraged by the police’s willingness to monitor CCTV coverage live during weekends. Each intelligent moving camera offers the coverage equivalent to approximately 20 older CCTV units.

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      Common Questions about Powerline Networks

      How does a Powerline Network work?

      Powerline Network is an innovative method of transmitting data over existing electrical wiring within a building. This approach allows for network connectivity without the need for additional cables, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for our clients.

      How does a Powerline Network work?

      As experts in Powerline Networks, we use adapters to send data signals over the electrical circuit. These adapters convert Ethernet signals into signals compatible with electrical wiring, and vice versa at the receiving end, enabling seamless data transmission.

      What components are needed for a Powerline Network?

      To set up a Powerline Network for our clients, we install routers to connect devices to the network and Powerline adapters to enable data transmission over the electrical circuit.

      Are Powerline Networks secure?

      At ClearView, we prioritize security, and Powerline Networks are generally secure as the data signals are confined within the electrical wiring of a building. However, we also implement encryption and other security measures to ensure the privacy and safety of our clients’ data.

       Can I use a Powerline Network for CCTV or access control systems?

      Yes, at ClearView, we leverage Powerline Networks to support security systems such as CCTV, access control, ANPR, intercoms, and public address systems. This is particularly useful in situations where installing new signal cables is difficult or expensive, providing our clients with cost-effective solutions.

      How does Ethernet over Power (EoP) differ from Power over Ethernet (PoE)?

      ClearView understands that Ethernet over Power (EoP) is a technology that enables data transmission over existing electrical wiring, whereas Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows devices to receive power and data through a single network cable. Our expertise in both technologies allows us to provide the best solutions for our clients’ specific needs.

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