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Public Address & Voice Alarm Installation

Enhance communication and security with a Public Address System. Discover how our systems can provide a safe environment and create seamless connectivity with the public.

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Our Public Address System Installation

In an emergency situation, clear communication is critical to ensure the safety of everyone on your premises. A Public Address System can provide a reliable and effective solution to help you communicate important information in a timely and efficient manner.

A Public Address System is an essential communication tool for any premises or campus. It can broadcast messages to specific zones or throughout the entire facility, ensuring quick and effective communication in emergency situations. Additionally, the system can distribute music or other audio content throughout the building. 

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    Helping you make the right choice…

    • Coverage: Ensure that the system can cover the entire area of your facility or campus. Determine whether you need to communicate with specific zones or the entire building.

    • Power and Volume: Select a system with the necessary power and volume to broadcast messages in noisy environments.

    • Integration: Consider whether the system can be integrated with other communication tools, such as intercoms or two-way radios.

    • Durability and Reliability: Choose a system that is built to withstand harsh environments and frequent use.

    • Ease of Use: Select a system that is easy to use and requires minimal training to quickly and efficiently communicate important messages to people across your facility.

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    The Benefits of a Public Address System

    ClearView is committed to providing top-quality Public Address Systems for your premises or campus. Our systems are designed to enhance safety and communication, with a range of benefits that include:

    Improved Safety: In emergency situations, efficiently communicate crucial information such as fire or evacuation drills, weather alerts or security breaches, ensuring that everyone is well-informed and calm.

    Enhanced Communication: Effectively broadcast information throughout your premises, ensuring that everyone is aware of important announcements or events.

    Cost-Effective: Investing in a Public Address System can be a relatively cost-effective solution, requiring minimal maintenance. Once installed, they can last for years without significant upgrades or repairs.

    Flexibility: Solutions can be customised to meet your specific communication needs, whether you require specific areas or the entire building to be addressed. Our systems can also be integrated with other audible communication tools, such as two-way radios or intercoms.

    Versatility: Our Public Address Systems have multiple applications, including background music, public announcements and emergency alerts.

    Providing Clarity

    Voice Alarm System Installation

    When it comes to emergency situations, clarity is key. Voice alarms are an essential component of Fire Alarm Systems evacuation systems, providing clear details of the problem and identifying the necessary action to be taken. They have been proven to be the fastest and safest method of evacuation as they deliver an emergency attention-drawing signal followed by a recorded message, while also delivering live emergency announcements from the fire officer.

    Standard Facilities on PA Systems

    PA systems offer more than just emergency evacuation solutions. Standard facilities available on PA systems include routine paging announcements, background music, interfaces to other devices and spot announcements.

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    What Can ClearView Provide?

    ClearView Communications can provide you with the confidence that your system will be designed, installed and maintained in accordance with all British Standards. We conduct site visits to establish and agree on your needs and ensure that your system meets your exact requirements.

    Audibility and Intelligibility

    Legislative requirements of audibility and intelligibility can be stringent in complex acoustic conditions. As a result, it is critical that a system is designed and specified properly.

    fit for purpose

    Expertly Designed PA Systems

    Our systems are designed and installed in accordance with the following regulations:

    • BS5839 part 8 for the UK
    • EN60849 throughout Europe
    • BS7827 for sound systems at sports venues

    Implementation Process

    If a new public address system is required, our implementation process includes examining your public address specification requirements, including minimum sound pressure levels and post-installation speech intelligibility testing, such as STI or RASTI testing. We also provide a detailed evaluation of the space that the PA system will serve, seeking compliance with any performance specification and/or relevant standards.

    We specialise in providing expertly designed and installed PA systems that ensure clarity, peace of mind, and that are completely fit for purpose. We ensure that all systems meet the necessary standards and are tailored to your specific requirements.

    Contact us today to speak to an advisor and learn more about how ClearView Communications can help you with your public address system needs.

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      Electric Gate & Barrier Questions Answered

      What is a Public Address System?

      A system that amplifies sound and broadcasts it through speakers. They are commonly used for announcements, emergency notifications, background music, and more. Normally needed more in large business premises like; Airports, Train Stations, Schools, Supermarkets or anywhere with high public footfall.

      What are the benefits?

      The benefits of a Public Address System include improved communication, enhanced safety, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and versatility. These systems can be customised to meet specific needs and can be integrated with other communication tools.

      How do I choose the solution for my needs?

      This largely depends on factors such as coverage area, power and volume, integration, durability and ease of use. It is important to consult with our experts to ensure that the system chosen meets your specific requirements.

      Can they be used for background music?

      Yes, they can be used for background music in addition to other purposes such as public announcements and emergency alerts.

      How long do they last?

      The lifespan of any security product depends on several factors, including the quality of the system and the level of maintenance it receives. However, with proper care and maintenance, Public Address Systems can last for many years.

      What maintenance is required?

      Public Address Systems require periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Maintenance activities can include cleaning and testing of speakers, amplifiers, and other components, as well as software updates and upgrades. It is important to have a maintenance plan in place to ensure the system operates effectively over its lifespan.