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Law Enforcement Fire & Security Systems

ClearView has worked with every police force in the UK. With over 25 years of experience working for the police and designing custody security solutions, ClearView Communications is a trusted and reliable partner for law enforcement agencies. Our expertise in designing and installing robust security systems has extended globally, with projects completed in the USA, Australasia, and Europe. 

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The Importance of Law Enforcement Fire and Security Systems

Fire and security systems are crucial for safeguarding law enforcement facilities against threats such as intrusions, fires, and sabotage, whilst ensuring compliance with all legislation and insurance requirements. These systems are developed to provide early detection and swift response to potential dangers, guaranteeing the safety, security, and compliance of law enforcement personnel, equipment, and infrastructure.

Security Systems Fire Safety Systems

ClearView offers specialist fire and security solutions that are tailored to meet the distinct requirements of law enforcement facilities. Our solutions are designed using our vast experience in this area and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to guarantee the safety and security of law enforcement officers, visitors, equipment, and facilities.

specialist security systems

Specialist Law Enforcement Security Solutions

our specialist security systems include

Our innovative custody systems integrate all electronic and communication services for managing police custody CCTV, prison cell cameras,  intercoms,  custody access control,,  affray alarms, fire detection, and lighting. This enables police forces to maximise cell availability and minimize the workload of the custody officer through a single screen interface.

Many UK police forces, including the Metropolitan Police Service, are currently using ClearView’s custody recording systems for demanding custody applications.

ClearView have been designing and manufacturing video and audio interview systems since inception. Our range of interview recorders have been developed for standalone and mobile applications including interviews with suspects, vulnerable or intimidated witnesses, children and families. Designed in full accordance with the relevant PACE and Home office guidelines.

ClearView provide a wide range of interview transcription solutions including software and hardware DVD transcribers which are used throughout the UK and Europe by police, social services, law enforcement agencies and commercial organisations for playing from CD, DVD, USB drive, hard disk or network sources.

It may be wall, ceiling or desk mounted. A body-worn version is also available. The MPA110 series of microphones can be powered by 12vdc or PoE (power over Ethernet). This means that the microphones can be connected directly to IP cameras, without needing a separate power supply.

specialist security systems

Security Systems

ClearView have provided both Custody and Building fire and security systems to hundreds of police stations around the UK, including Essex Police. Our engineers are vetted to NPPV Level 3 with security clearance, to ensure the highest level of integrity and standards. To meet the increasing demands on police forces our custody solution can integrate all your security systems to be controlled from a single screen interface.

Our comprehensive equipment, including CCTV, access control, and intruder detection systems, can help prevent escapes, self-harm, and violent behaviour, ensuring the safety of inmates and staff. We understand the importance of delivering a secure custody environment, which is why we offer customised security solutions that meet your unique needs.

cctv camera at police site

our specialist security system integration include

Our CCTV systems are designed to provide real-time monitoring, enhance situational awareness, and aid in investigations, all of which are critical for law enforcement operations. Our advanced analytics and high-quality cameras can deliver precise and reliable surveillance footage, which can be used to deter criminal activity and identify potential threats. ClearView manufactures a range of prison cell cameras, specifically designed for installation in police and prison cells.

We also understand that each law enforcement facility has unique security requirements, so we offer bespoke CCTV installation, maintenance, and monitoring. Our CCTV systems can cover critical areas such as entrance and exit points, detainee holding areas, parking lots, and perimeter fences, ensuring complete facility coverage.

ClearView’s CCTV systems can also integrate with other security measures such as access control systems, fire alarms, and building management systems, creating a comprehensive security solution that provides complete protection for law enforcement facilities. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality CCTV solutions that are reliable, effective, and tailored to the unique needs and specific security requirements of our clients in the law enforcement industry.

The safety of personnel is a top priority for law enforcement facilities. Intruder alarm systems can help protect staff and officers by providing an immediate warning of any potential threats or dangers.

Intruder alarms can also help protect sensitive information that is held in law enforcement facilities, by preventing unauthorised access. This is crucial because it can contain criminal records and evidence.

Most law enforcement facilities will be required by law or regulation to have an intruder alarm system installed. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in fines or other penalties.

Our intruder alarm installation, maintenance, and monitoring services can ensure your facility is always secure and protected, whilst complying with all regulations. 

Law enforcement facilities require the installation of affray and panic alarms to enhance safety and security, comply with regulations, and provide a quick response to emergency situations.

Affray alarms are typically used in detention centres or correctional facilities to alert staff of a physical altercation or fight between inmates. These alarms can help officers respond quickly to the situation and prevent it from escalating. Affray alarms can also provide evidence in case an investigation or legal action is necessary.

Panic alarms are designed to be used in emergency situations where someone needs immediate help. For law enforcement facilities, panic alarms may be installed in areas where staff are at risk of being attacked or threatened, such as interview rooms or reception areas.

Some law enforcement facilities may be required by law or regulation to have affray and/or panic alarms installed. These regulations are often in place to ensure the safety and well-being of staff and inmates.

ClearView can install, maintain, and monitor your facilities array and panic alarms to ensure maximum protection and compliance. 

Access control systems are a crucial element of security within law enforcement facilities. They help prevent unauthorised access, protect assets, comply with regulations, provide accountability, and aid in emergency response. The specific access control systems that are essential in law enforcement facilities may vary depending on the facility’s needs and circumstances. ClearView will assess your facility and help design you a complete security solution. 

Access control solutions can include card readers, biometric readers, keypads, turnstiles, video surveillance, intercom, and much more. A combination of these access control systems can be used to provide effective security for law enforcement facilities, depending on the facility’s needs and the level of security required. 

ClearView can design, install, maintain, and monitor your access control systems for complete protection of your facility, staff, and assets.

Gate and barrier systems are essential for maintaining the security, safety, privacy, and control of law enforcement facilities, which are high-security areas that need to be protected from unauthorised access. Gate and barrier systems help to control who enters and exits the facility and prevent intruders from gaining access. 

All our commercial gate and barrier systems are fitted to regulated industry standards for the highest level of security. We provide supply, installation and maintenance of a wide range of automated gates and barriers to suit the unique needs and requirements of your law enforcement facilities. 

award winning defence fire safety solutions

Law Enforcement Fire Safety Systems

Fire safety systems are crucial in law enforcement facilities to protect personnel, equipment, and ensure compliance with all regulations. They detect and suppress fires, notify personnel of potential hazards, and guide personnel to safety during an emergency.

Fire safety systems in law enforcement facilities include detection, notification, suppression, and evacuation systems. These systems are designed to detect and suppress fires, notify personnel of potential hazards, and guide personnel to safety during an emergency.

ClearView can provide design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring services for fire safety systems in law enforcement facilities to ensure compliance with regulations and standards and the full working order of the systems.

Fire Extinguishers

our fire safety systems include

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are a crucial aspect of fire safety systems in law enforcement facilities. They provide early detection, compliance with regulations, integration with other systems, and peace of mind, all of which contribute to the overall safety and operational efficiency of your facility

Fire safety systems are designed to notify individuals of possible fires through either audible or visual alarms. These alarms can be configured to trigger automated responses, such as turning on sprinkler systems, closing fire doors, and initiating evacuation procedures.

Our Fire Alarm Solutions

Fire Detection

ClearView’s NSI Gold Fire and BAFE certification means we are qualified to supply, install, maintain, and commission all types of smoke detection systems to the highest standards, ensuring your building is fully compliant. These fire safety systems are capable of detecting smoke, heat, or flames, providing an early warning to personnel of a potential fire. With early detection, fires can be prevented from spreading, reducing damage and the risk of injury or death.


Fire Extinguishers

 Fire safety systems in law enforcement facilities rely on fire extinguishers as essential components. These extinguishers provide a rapid response, safeguard personnel and equipment, ensure adherence to regulations, seamlessly integrate with other fire safety systems.

Explore Fire Extinguisher Solutions

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a crucial element of fire safety systems in law enforcement facilities. It enables safe evacuation, complies with regulations, provides backup power, integrates with other fire safety systems, and provides a sense of security among personnel and visitors.

In accordance with current UK emergency lighting regulations, all business premises are required to have “an appropriate emergency lighting system.” ClearView can provide emergency lighting solutions, including supply, installation, and maintenance services.

Emergency Lighting Systems

complete law enforcement solutions

Passive Fire Protection

ClearView is passive fire protection installation specialists certified by the IFC for fire stopping installation and fire door installation works. We can ensure your law enforcement facility is fully compliant with relevant British Standards with our fire door repair, remedial works and fire door maintenance services.

Our commitment to certified and high-quality fire door and fire stopping products from top UK manufacturers guarantees compliance with British Standards.

Passive Fire Protection is an integral part of ensuring structural fire protection in law enforcement facilities. UK building regulations require all new buildings and refurbishments must incorporate Passive Fire Protection measures.

engineer installing fire stopping material

Your Fire & Security Questions Answered

Fire safety requirements for detention facilities include, installed fire stopping products and fire doors, fire alarm and smoke detection systems, and adequate fire suppression systems such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers. It is crucial all holding cells and prisons should have evacuation plans in place and staff trained to respond to emergencies. Regular fire risk assessments must also be carried out to ensure compliance and maximum protection. 

Alarms and notification systems are used to alert staff and occupants of a law enforcement facility in the event of an emergency. The protocol for responding to these alarms should be clearly established and regularly practiced.

Security cameras and surveillance systems are used to monitor and record activity in law enforcement facilities. Their use is subject to legal requirements, such as obtaining consent from individuals being recorded (GDPR) and ensuring that footage is stored securely and not misused.

Access control systems in law enforcement facilities must meet strict security requirements to ensure that only authorised personnel can enter secure areas. Electronic locks, biometric readers, and card readers are commonly used and should be regularly tested and maintained to ensure they are in full working order at all times, meeting the facilities strict requirements. 

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Law Enforcement Fire and Security Systems

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