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Addressable fire alarm

Fire Alarm Systems

Experts in Fire Safety

Fire Alarm Systems are essential to fire safety and are a requirement by UK law under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. We understand how important it is to comply with regulations, so businesses and organisations rely on us to secure their staff, property, and assets. We install all fire alarm systems to BS5839-1 standards.

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Fire Safety

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

ClearView Fire Safety Fire alarm systems are available in a number of types and categories. Understanding fire systems and their uses are essential to ensuring your people, assets, and company are protected. According to UK law Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005, all commercial premises in the UK must be equipped with a working fire detection system. Your fire risk assessment will determine the category of system you require.

Fire Safety
Comprehensive Fire System Services

Fire alarms are integral to fire safety as the recognised way to warn people in the event of a fire. Consequently, due to the importance of fire alarms, fire alarm installation must be carried out by fully certified and accredited professional fire alarm installers.

ClearView Communications are certified in NSI Gold Fire and BAFE SP203-1. We help businesses and organisations to protect their people and property. Our comprehensive Fire Safety services ensure you are safeguarded whilst complying with regulations.

ClearView Fire Alarm System services include:

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    Fire Detection Systems

    Conventional Systems

    Conventional systems rely on wired connections to function. Each device is linked in series to a central control panel. Due to their simple design, the systems could provide a cost-effective fire detection solution..

    Conventional Systems
    Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

    Addressable Fire Alarms

    Addressable fire alarm systems are a network of fire detectors and devices connected to a central control point. The devices in the network can be given a unique address (hence the name). As a result, each device and location can be triggered and identified by its address, making them an excellent solution for large buildings.

    Addressable Systems
    Fire Detection Systems

    Wireless Fire Alarms

    A popular feature of wireless systems is that they don’t require cables. The installation process is faster than conventional systems. Furthermore, the flexibility of wireless systems makes them a good solution for adding or extending existing wired systems. Wireless fire alarm systems provide a cost-effective solution to fire safety.

    Wireless Systems
    wireless fire alarm
    LHD Fire Systems

    Linear Heat Detection

    Linear Heat Detection (LHD) Systems are an excellent solution for cold stores, factories, warehouses and other areas where electrical systems may not be suitable. Additionally, LHD results in fewer false alarms and wide zone coverage.

    Linear Heat Detection
    Linear heat detection
    Smoke Detection Systems

    Aspirating Fire and Smoke Detection

    Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASD) provides rapid smoke detection by detecting the presence of smoke particles in the air. ASDs are an effective fire detection solution for areas containing goods easily damaged by fire.

    Aspirating Fire Alarm Systems
    Aspirating Fire Detection
    Bespoke Systems

    Fire Alarm Design and Installation

    At ClearView, we design all of our fire alarm systems adhering to BS5839-1. Our systems are tailored to protect your business, and we provide added value through expert support and advice. In addition, our technicians work with you to establish a Fire Risk Assessment to define the fire system category required for your site.

    Fire Alarm Installation
    fire alarm installation
    Effective Maintenance Plans

    Maintenance and Servicing

    UK fire alarm regulations state that all business premises must have an appropriate fire detection service. Thorough servicing and maintenance will help ensure your system provides effective protection all year round. At ClearView, we already help hundreds of businesses maintain their fire alarm systems. Please speak to us about how we can help you protect your people, assets and business with effective fire system maintenance.

    Fire Alarm Maintenance
    fire alarm systems
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