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Professional ANPR System Installation

Transform your security and operational efficiency with our professional ANPR system installation services. Our solutions provide you with unparalleled control and monitoring of every vehicle entering your site, ensuring maximum security and seamless management.

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Expert ANPR System Installers

Intelligent ANPR Camera Systems

At ClearView, we are proud to supply and install a state-of-the-art range of ANPR camera systems. These include Hikvision, Axis, and Avigilon incorporating variable intensity IR-lamps, fast-shutter speeds and remote zoom lens control to ensure every image is captured optimally.

Combined with ClearView’s award-winning GateREG software monitor multiple traffic lanes with a single camera, with each vehicle being logged on the system’s database. GateREG is a networked ANPR system which can automatically read reliably at high speeds, in the dark and with glare created by vehicle headlights. The system can accept an unlimited number of ANPR and overview cameras.

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    why choose our ANPR systems?

    Feature & Benefits

    Our networked ANPR systems reliably reads licence plates at speeds of up to 100 mph with 95-98% accuracy, even in the dark and with the glare from vehicle headlights. Our technology enables you to monitor an unlimited number of traffic lanes with each vehicle being logged on the system’s database.

    1. Enhanced Security: Improved security in public areas and help track down stolen vehicles, wanted criminals or detect suspicious vehicles.

    2. Improved Traffic Management: Monitor traffic flow, detect traffic violations, and reduce congestion to improve traffic management.

    3. Parking Management: Efficiently manage parking, prevent parking fraud, and improve the customer experience.

    4. Cost-effective: Reduces the need for human intervention, resulting in cost savings in areas such as parking management, toll collection, and traffic management.

    5. Improved Customer Experience: Provides accurate and real-time information to drivers, which can improve their overall experience.

    6. Data Insights: Collect and analyse vehicle-related data for statistical analysis, future planning, and research purposes.

    Success Story

    LondonWaste (London): Learn how we helped monitor traffic movements and improve security across a 40-acre site in Edmonton.

    Take a closer look at what we did for London Waste >

    Other Use cases:

    • Controlling entry and exit within car parks, educational establishments, police stations, hospitals, and garages
    • Logging staff arrival and exit at commercial premises
    • Enforcing speed limits and detecting speeding vehicles
    • Managing car parks by processing payments and enforcing parking regulations
    • Validating vehicle types and payments at toll stations
    • Enforcing bus lane regulations
    • Supporting law enforcement efforts

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    award winning

    Enhanced Security with GateREG ANPR Solutions

    Revolutionise traffic monitoring and enhance security with ClearView’s award-winning GateREG ANPR system. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures precision and reliability, making it the ideal choice for businesses and public sector organisations.

    Unmatched Traffic Monitoring with GateREG Cameras

    ClearView’s GateREG cameras are designed to monitor multiple traffic lanes with unparalleled accuracy. Each vehicle is logged into the system’s database, ensuring comprehensive tracking and security. GateREG is a networked ANPR system that performs reliably at high speeds, in low light, and despite headlight glare. The system is scalable, supporting an unlimited number of ANPR and overview cameras.

    Premium Camera Features:

    • Variable Intensity IR-Lamps: Ensure clear images in all lighting conditions.
    • Fast Shutter Speeds: Capture sharp images of fast-moving vehicles.
    • Remote Zoom Lens Control: Allows precise adjustments without manual intervention.
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    GateReg ANPR Software

    Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring with GateREG Software

    GateREG Software Benefits: GateREG software intelligently monitors vehicles, matches registration numbers with its proprietary database, and displays critical details such as vehicle make/model, driver’s name, and image. This system is trusted by the public sector and blue-chip companies for its efficiency and reliability.

    Key Advantages:

    • Efficient Access Control: Seamlessly manage visitor access across multiple sites.
    • Accurate Identification: Obtain high-quality images for precise vehicle and driver identification.
    • Comprehensive Logging: Keep detailed records of every vehicle entering your premises.
    • Enhanced Safety: Alert staff and restrict access for blacklisted vehicles, maximising security.

    ongoing support

    ANPR System Maintenance

    As standard maintenance includes:

    • A telephone helpdesk to answer all your questions
    • Routine equipment cleaning and adjustments
    • Rapid response call outs should any problem arise
    • Regular security updates and system checks

    Interested in service and maintenance for your ANPR system? Book your free site survey using the button below. Alternatively, call 01245 214100 to speak to a member of our team.

    advanced integration capabilities

    Networking & Integration

    Our ANPR systems can be seamlessly networked across multiple locations, enabling personnel to monitor vehicle movements over several sites from a centralised database. This centraliseds approach ensures comprehensive data collection and control of remote sites, enhancing overall efficiency and security.

    Flexible Deployment Options

    GateREG can be provided in various formats to suit your specific needs, including:

    • Desktop
    • 19” Rack Mount
    • Server-Based
    • Virtual Server
    • Mobile
    • Vehicle-Mounted
    • Rapid Deployment Units
    • Remote External 4G Link

    Additionally, the system can synchronise with GPS or network time for accurate and reliable data logging.

    Advanced Integration Capabilities

    Our system is designed to automatically consult external third-party databases whenever a license plate is recognised. This ensures seamless integration with a variety of systems, such as:

    • Parking payment machines
    • Access control systems
    • Weighbridge systems
    • LED message signs

    Broad Compatibility

    GateREG is compatible with several database formats, including:

    • SQL
    • Oracle
    • Excel
    • CSV Files

    For access control integration, a Wiegand output is also available, ensuring smooth and reliable operations across your security infrastructure.

    By leveraging these advanced features, our ANPR systems provide a robust, scalable, and efficient solution for comprehensive vehicle monitoring and data management.

    entrance control

    Visitor Management

    GateREG intelligently monitors approaching vehicles. The registration numbers are matched with the information in its in-built database, displaying selected information, e.g. driver name, image of driver, vehicle make/model. GateREG can activate a vehicle barrier, sound an alarm, send a text message or email, or display vehicle data on an LED message sign.

    All vehicle movements are recorded on the system’s database.  Tables and charts can be created to show management date including black list vehicles, journey times, car park occupancy, returning vehicles, average stay time etc. Automatic entry can be granted via a gate or barrier if a recognised “white list” vehicle is identified by the system, whilst any unrecognised vehicle can be denied access.  Access may be timed to specific days or times.

    With the GateREG ANPR Visitor Management System, you can access detailed information about each vehicle which has entered your premises, including:

    • Easy visibility of frequent visitors and the length of stay
    • Additional security with security prompts for specific groups e.g. “black listed” vehicles
    • Instant notification, by text or email, of visitor arrival – freeing up staff time
    ANPR System recording number plates on board

    intelligent digital signage

    Enhance Customer Experience and Security with ANPR and LED Integration

    Integrating ANPR cameras with LED signs offers a seamless solution for managing vehicle access at car parks, toll roads, and other controlled sites. This technology displays vehicle number plates in real-time on LCD displays or LED signs, providing personalised messages and instructions for drivers.

    Personalised Welcome and Instructions

    For example, when a vehicle enters a hotel’s car park, the ANPR camera reads the number plate and displays a personalised welcome message on the LED sign, such as:Welcome to ABC Hotel, Mr. Smith.”In a university car park, the system can direct students to specific parking areas, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

    Key Benefits:

    • Personalised Experience: Enhance the visitor experience with customised messages and instructions, creating a welcoming and efficient environment.
    • Improved Security: Ensure only authorised vehicles enter the premises, reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorised access.
    • Accurate Records: Maintain a precise log of vehicles entering and exiting the site, aiding in management and security.

    Practical Applications:

    • Hotels: Provide a personalised welcome to guests, enhancing their stay from the moment they arrive.
    • Universities: Direct students to designated parking areas efficiently, reducing congestion and improving traffic flow.
    • Corporate Offices: Greet employees and visitors while ensuring only authorised vehicles access the premises.
    • Public Parking Facilities: Prevent misuse and manage parking spaces effectively by keeping accurate entry and exit records.

    Integrating ANPR technology with LED signs improves the customer experience while enhancing security and efficiency in managing vehicle access. This innovative solution ensures smooth operations and a high level of service at various facilities.

    Speed detection ANPR cameras

    speed detection

    Enhance Road Safety with ANPR and Speed Warning Signs

    Our unique combination of ANPR systems and Speed Warning Signs offers an innovative approach to road safety. These advanced signs display the driver’s current speed and their vehicle’s number plate, providing personalised warning messages to encourage safer driving behaviours.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Versatile Power Options:

    • Battery-Powered: Ideal for remote locations where mains power is unavailable.
    • Solar-Powered: Eco-friendly and cost-effective, perfect for sunny environments.
    • Mains Electricity: Reliable and suitable for urban areas with existing infrastructure.

    Strategic Applications:

    • Accident-Prone Zones: Reduce accidents by alerting drivers to their speed and encouraging compliance with speed limits.
    • School Zones: Enhance safety for children by reminding drivers to slow down in school surroundings.
    • Residential Neighborhoods: Maintain a peaceful and safe environment by controlling vehicle speeds in residential areas.

    Real-Time Data and Enforcement:

    • Connectivity: ANPR data and images can be transmitted over broadband or 4G networks for real-time monitoring and enforcement.
    • Law Enforcement Support: Authorities can monitor speeds and take appropriate action against speeding vehicles, particularly useful for identifying repeat offenders.
    • Accident Reduction: Effective in reducing the number of accidents caused by speeding through immediate feedback and enforcement.

    Resource Efficiency:

    • Reduced Manual Monitoring: Minimize the need for constant manual enforcement, allowing resources to be allocated to other critical areas.
    • Driver Awareness: Increase awareness among drivers about the importance of adhering to speed limits, contributing to overall road safety.

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      What is ANPR technology, and how does it work?

      ANPR technology is a system that uses cameras to capture and recognise vehicle number plates automatically. The system extracts the alphanumeric characters from the plate, and the information is processed and compared with databases for various purposes.

      The cameras used for ANPR can read number plates in different weather and lighting conditions. However, extreme weather conditions such as heavy fog or snow can affect its accuracy. 

      Read our top 10 tips on how to ensure the highest levels of accuracy from your system here.

      ANPR technology is highly accurate, but various factors such as the quality of the camera, lighting, and weather conditions can affect its performance.

      The data from ANPR is stored in a secure database and can be used for various purposes such as traffic management, law enforcement, and research. However, its use is subject to data protection regulations.

      The use of ANPR technology can raise privacy concerns, but when used appropriately and in compliance with the law, it can be an effective tool for enhancing public safety and security.