Defence Fire & Security Systems

ClearView is proud to be a registered supplier to the Ministry of Defence, where we have installed and maintained bespoke security solutions for many defence sites. By investing in ClearView’s defence-focused fire and security systems, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have taken all necessary measures to safeguard your critical assets.

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The Importance of Defence Fire and Security Systems

Fire and security systems for the defence industry are essential for protecting military personnel, equipment, and infrastructure from threats including fires, intrusions, and sabotage. These systems are designed to provide early warning and rapid response to potential threats, ensuring the safety and security of military facilities and personnel.

Security Systems Fire Safety Systems

ClearView provides fire and security solutions that are specifically designed for the unique needs of the defence industry and military sites. Drawing on our extensive experience in this field and leveraging advanced systems, our solutions are geared towards ensuring the safety and protection of military personnel, equipment, and infrastructure.

specialist security systems

Defence Security Systems

Fire and security systems for the defence industry must be designed to withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and other challenges unique to military installations. They must also be highly reliable and effective in detecting and responding to potential threats. As such, they are typically designed and installed by experienced contractors with specialised accreditations and expertise in defence industry applications.

ClearView can design, install, maintain, and monitor specialist defence security systems. 

explosion proof CCTV camera and casing used in an oil and gas industry

our commercial security systems include

CCTV Systems & AI

Specialist CCTV cameras such as explosion proof cameras are an important component of security systems in the defence industry. There are several reasons why CCTV cameras are necessary in this context:

CCTV cameras can be used to monitor activity within and around military facilities, including the movements of personnel, vehicles, and equipment. This surveillance can help identify potential security threats and allow for a rapid response.

The presence of CCTV cameras can act as a deterrent to potential intruders or attackers, as they increase the risk of detection and apprehension.

In the event of a security breach, CCTV camera footage can be used to investigate the incident and determine the cause. This can help identify any weaknesses in the security system and improve it for the future.

CCTV recordings can be used for training purposes, such as identifying and correcting unsafe behaviour, or to evaluate the effectiveness of security protocols in place.

Surveillance cameras can be used to record activity within secure areas, providing a record of those entering and exiting, when they did so, and what they did while on site. This information can be valuable for audits, compliance, and other security purposes.

Our CCTV Solutions

Access Control

Access control systems are crucial for maintaining security, protecting classified information, ensuring compliance, promoting accountability, and enhancing emergency response capabilities in the defence industry:

Access control systems restrict entry to secure areas only to authorised personnel, preventing unauthorised access and reducing the risk of security breaches, espionage, or sabotage.

Defence facilities handle highly sensitive and classified information that requires strict control and protection. Our access control systems will ensure that only authorised personnel with the appropriate clearance levels can access such information.

Access control systems are ensure compliance with various regulations and standards that defence facilities must adhere to. This includes security clearance requirements, physical security requirements, regulatory compliance, and accountability.

Access control systems allow you to keep track of who enters and exits secure areas, and provides an audit trail that can be used for accountability, compliance, and even investigation purposes.

By installing access control systems it will help to ensure the safety of all military personnel and assets by restricting access to secure areas. Ultimately preventing accidents, theft, or damage to infrastructure and equipment.

In the event of an emergency, access control systems will help rapidly evacuate personnel from secure areas safely. They can also prevent unauthorised persons from entering secure areas during an emergency, reducing the risk of harm to both personnel and equipment.

Access Control for Businesses

Intruder Detection

By installing and maintaining your intruder alarm system, ClearView  can enhance the security, deter any potential intruders, provide early detection, reduce response time, ensure compliance with regulations and standards, and protect classified information in defence facilities.

An intruder alarm system installation and on going preventative maintenance with ClearView can help to detect and alert your security personnel of any unauthorised entry into your facility, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively to prevent or mitigate any security breaches.

The presence of an intruder alarm system will deter any potential intruders or attackers, by increasing the risk of detection and apprehension.

Our intruder alarm systems will detect trespassers at an early stage, allowing your  security personnel to rapidly respond, preventing any potential harm to personnel or damage to equipment and infrastructure.

ClearView’s intruder alarm systems will rapidly alert security personnel and emergency responders, which will help  reduce response time and increase the chances of apprehending intruders or mitigating any damage or harm caused.

Defence facilities must comply with numerous regulations and standards relating to physical security and emergency response. Our intruder alarm systems will help guarantee compliance by providing a reliable and effective method of detecting and responding to unauthorised entry at all times.

Defence facilities store and work with sensitive and classified information. Unauthorised access to these records can compromise national security. Our intruder alarm system installation and on-going preventative maintenance will help protect classified information by detecting and preventing any unauthorised entry into secure areas.

Intruder Prevention Systems


ANPR systems can help defence facilities enhance their security, improve access control, streamline operations, and gather better intelligence, thereby contributing to overall operational effectiveness.

ANPR systems can help enhance the security of defence facilities by automatically capturing and identifying the number plates of vehicles entering and leaving the facility. The system can then compare the captured number plates with a database of authorised vehicles, and raise an alarm if an unauthorised vehicle is detected.

Our ANPR systems can help improve access control to defence facilities by automating the process of verifying the identity of vehicles entering and leaving the facility. This can help reduce the risk of human error and ensure that only authorised vehicles are granted access.

Installing an ANPR systems can help streamline the operations of defence facilities by automating the process of recording and tracking the movements of vehicles within the facility. This can help reduce administrative burden, improve efficiency, and provide a clearer picture of the facility’s operations.

Our ANPR systems can help defence facilities gather better intelligence by providing real-time data on the movements of vehicles in and around the facility. This can help identify patterns and trends, and enable more effective decision-making.

ANPR Systems

Gates & Barriers

Gates and barriers are an important component of the security infrastructure at defence facilities. By installing and maintaining a gate or barrier system it can provide a range of benefits, including enhanced physical security, controlled access, improved traffic management, automation, and monitoring and surveillance capabilities. This will contribute to the overall security and operational effectiveness of the facility.

Our robust gate and barriers systems will enhance the physical security of defence facilities by creating a physical barrier that restricts access to the premises, helping to deter any unauthorised entry and prevent intrusions.

Installing gate or barriers systems can help control access to your defence facility as it will restrict the entry and exit of vehicles and personnel. This will ensure that only authorised individuals are allowed to enter the premises, ultimately reducing the risk of security breaches.

Our gate and barrier installations will help improve the traffic management at defence facilities by controlling the flow of both vehicles and pedestrians. This will reduce congestion on site and overall improve safety by preventing collisions and accidents.

All our gates and barriers can be automated, which will then help reduce the need for manual intervention whilst improving the speed and efficiency of your access control procedures. This will help save time and reduce costs.

Our gates and barriers installation and maintenance will help your business reduce security costs by minimising the need for manual security measures, such as on-site security and traffic enforcement personnel. 

Gate & Barrier Installation

Door Entry & Intercoms

Door entry and  contribute to the overall security and operational effectiveness of defence facilities by providing enhanced access control, improved visitor management, increased security, remote access capabilities, and integration with other security systems.

Our door entry and intercom systems will help enhance your access control by allowing personnel to verify the identity of individuals before granting them access to the facility. This prevent unauthorised entry and reduces the risk of security breaches.

ClearView’s door entry and intercom system installation and maintenance will improve visitor management by providing a secure and efficient method for verifying the identity of your visitors and allowing them to enter the facility. ultimately preventing delays and ensuring that visitors are properly identified and tracked.

By installing and maintaining door entry and intercom systems it will increase security by providing an additional layer of protection against any unauthorised entry. By allowing personnel to verify the identity of individuals before granting them access, these systems help prevent security breaches and protect sensitive information and equipment within a defence facility. 

We can setup and allow for remote access of your door entry and intercom systems, allowing personnel to grant access to individuals without having to physically be at the entrance point. This can be especially beneficial in situations where access needs to be granted outside of normal business hours.

We can intercom your door entry and intercom systems with other security systems, including your CCTV cameras and alarm systems, to provide a comprehensive security solution. This allows you to monitor and respond to security incidents more effectively.

Access Control Solutions

award winning defence fire safety solutions

Defence Fire Safety Systems

Fire safety systems are crucial in defence facilities to protect personnel, equipment, and ensure compliance with all regulations. They detect and suppress fires, notify personnel of potential hazards, and guide personnel to safety during an emergency.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has regulations and standards in place to ensure that all defence facilities comply with fire safety requirements. These regulations place legal duties on the Responsible Person, typically the commanding officer, to undertake a fire risk assessment and implement appropriate fire safety measures and equipment.

Fire safety systems in defence facilities include detection, notification, suppression, and evacuation systems. These systems are designed to detect and suppress fires, notify personnel of potential hazards, and guide personnel to safety during an emergency.

ClearView can provide design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring services for fire safety systems in defence facilities to ensure compliance with MoD regulations and standards and the full working order of the systems.

Fire Extinguishers

our fire safety systems include

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are an essential component of fire safety systems in defence facilities. They provide early detection, quick notification, compliance with regulations, integration with other systems, and peace of mind, all of which contribute to the overall safety and operational effectiveness of your facility.

Fire safety systems such as alarms notify personnel of a potential fire. These alarms can be audible or visual and can be designed to trigger automatic responses such as activating sprinkler systems, closing fire doors, and initiating evacuation procedures.

Our Fire Alarm Solutions

Fire Detection

Fire safety systems detect smoke, heat, or flames which will then alert personnel of a potential fire. This early warning will help prevent fires from spreading, minimising the damage and reducing the risk of injury or death. With our NSI Gold Fire and BAFE certification, ClearView can supply, installmaintain, and commission all types of smoke detection systems to the highest standards.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are essential components of your fire safety systems in defence facilities. They provide a quick response, protect personnel and equipment, ensure compliance with regulations, integrate with other fire safety systems, and provide peace of mind.

Explore Fire Extinguisher Solutions

Emergency Lighting

Fire safety systems include evacuation systems, such as exit signs, emergency lighting, and evacuation plans, which help guide personnel to safety in the event of a fire.

Emergency lighting is a critical component of fire safety systems in defence facilities. It provides safe evacuation, ensures compliance with all regulations, provides backup power, integrates with other fire safety systems, and provides peace of mind to personnel and visitors.

Current UK emergency lighting regulations state that all business premises must have ‘an appropriate ‘emergency lighting system‘. ClearView can supply, install, and maintain your emergency lighting.  

Emergency Lighting Systems

complete defence solutions

Passive Fire Protection

ClearView is passive fire protection installation specialists certified by the IFC for fire stopping installation and fire door installation works. We can ensure your defence premises is fully compliant with relevant British Standards with our fire door repair, remedial works and fire door maintenance services.

We are committed to providing certified, high quality fire door and fire stopping products from only the best UK manufacturers which have all been individually tested to guarantee compliance with relevant British Standards.

Passive Fire Protection is a crucial component of structural fire safety. In accordance with the UK building regulations, all new buildings and refurbishments must incorporate Passive Fire Protection measures.

engineer installing fire stopping material

Innovated by Ex-military

ClearView holds the certification for Cyber Essentials Plus, and all our staff are security cleared to SC level. We understand the unique requirements of Defence, such as stringent information technology security standards and high-level security clearance. The ClearView name has a storied history of delivering quality systems in this market, and we are confident that we can provide the right solution that meets the high standards required in the Defence sector.

ClearView is one of a small number of security companies that have passed the scrutiny of selection for the Crown Commercial Security framework (RM6089 Workplace Services (FM Marketplace Phase 2) – Sub lot 1b Technical Security.

Our design and risk services are approved by a registered member of the Association of Security Consultants (ASC). Only suppliers that have the following minimum accreditations hold a place on this exclusive framework:

ISO 9001 – Quality

ISO 14001 – Environmental

ISO 45001 – Health & Safety

NSI Gold – National Security Inspectorate

For a confidential discussion on your defence-related security requirements, please call us on 01245 214104 or contact us today.

NSI Gold Approved Installer

Your Commercial Fire & Security Questions Answered

Fire safety measures required in defence facilities include fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems, and passive fire protection measures which includes fire-resistant walls, doors, and windows. 

Regulations governing fire safety in defence facilities vary depending on the location and type of facility. In the United Kingdom, fire safety regulations are covered by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO). 

Security measures required in defence facilities include the installation, maintenance and monitoring of CCTV systems, intrusion detection systems, access control systems, gates and barriers, and intercoms.

Regulations governing security in defence facilities vary depending on the location and type of facility. In the United Kingdom, security regulations are covered by the Ministry of Defence Security Policy Framework.

Fire and security systems should be tested and maintained regularly to ensure that they are in proper working order. The frequency of testing and maintenance varies depending on the system and local regulations, but as a general rule, all alarms such as fire alarms and intruder alarms should be tested twice a year, as well as automated gates and barriers, then other fire and security systems should be tested at least once a year. Passive fire protection equipment such as fire doors should be inspected and maintained twice a year. 

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Defence Fire and Security Systems

Safeguard your defence facility with our advanced fire and security solutions. Our team of highly skilled professionals will work with you to design, install, and maintain a comprehensive system that meets the rigorous standards of defence facilities. Don’t compromise on security, contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards protecting your facility from potential threats.

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