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Keeping your staff, assets, and premises safe is a top priority, and as an organisation, you have a responsibility to comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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By implementing the correct fire systems, procedures, and training, you can protect your business from disruption and financial loss.

Most fires are preventable if your fire systems are fully functional and certified to the correct British Standards. ClearView provide a comprehensive range of fire safety solutions, including fire alarm systems design and installation, fire extinguisher installation and maintenance, and emergency lighting solutions.

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Fire Alarm Systems

At ClearView, we design and install fire alarm systems tailored to your business. Learn more about our installation services and protect your staff, assets, and premises from fire.

Fire Extinguishers

A critical fire safety item, fire extinguishers are always ready to tackle any fire emergency. Discover more about our installation and maintenance services to protect your business.

Emergency Lighting

Essential for clarity during fire emergency evacuation, we provide installation and maintenance of your emergency lighting systems. Explore our services.

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ClearView: Your Dependable Partner for Comprehensive Fire Safety Solutions

We provide a range of cost-effective and dependable fire safety solutions to protect your business, including:

  • Design and installation of fire alarm systems
  • Fire alarm maintenance to ensure reliable activation
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance for optimal performance
  • Fire risk assessments to comply with legal and insurance requirements
  • Fire training for your fire marshal or warden staff

Trust ClearView to safeguard your staff, assets, and premises from the risk of fire with our comprehensive fire safety services.

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    Your Fire Safety Questions Answered

    What fire safety measures are required by law in the UK for businesses?

    The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 sets out the legal requirements for fire safety in the UK. Businesses are required to conduct a fire risk assessment, install and maintain appropriate fire safety equipment, and provide staff with fire safety training.

    Do businesses need to have a fire evacuation plan in place?

    Yes, businesses are required to have a fire evacuation plan in place. This plan should include details of emergency escape routes, fire safety equipment, and staff responsibilities during a fire emergency.

    How often should fire safety equipment be checked and maintained?

    Fire safety equipment should be checked and maintained regularly to ensure it is in good working condition. The frequency of maintenance and checks will depend on the type of equipment and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    Can businesses conduct their fire risk assessment, or is a specialist required?

    Businesses can conduct their fire risk assessment, but it’s recommended to have a competent person carry out the assessment. This can be someone from within the company or a specialist fire safety consultant like ClearView.

    Who is responsible for fire safety in a business?

    The responsibility for fire safety in a business falls to the employer or person in control of the premises. This includes ensuring that all fire safety equipment is installed, maintained, and working correctly, and that staff receives appropriate fire safety training.

    What training is required for staff under UK fire safety regulations?

    Under UK fire safety regulations, staff must receive appropriate fire safety training. This should include fire safety awareness training, which covers the risks of fire, fire safety equipment, and evacuation procedures, as well as training for fire marshals or wardens who are responsible for implementing the fire evacuation plan.

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