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Discover seamless connectivity and flexibility with tailored wireless network solutions. Empower your organisation to thrive in an ever-changing technological landscape with our state-of-the-art wireless infrastructures.

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Empower Your Organisation with Cutting-Edge Wireless Networks

ClearView Communications specialises in designing and installing Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) tailored to your organisation’s needs.

WLAN solutions use state-of-the-art wireless technologies to provide seamless network connectivity for devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, enabling users to connect without the constraints of cables. Experience enhanced mobility and flexibility with our advanced wireless network services.

Our team of experts leverages a variety of wireless technologies, including radio, microwave, and infrared, to transmit data over the air. We install data access points and gateways to provide wireless access and route traffic to appropriate network resources. Additionally, our wireless transmitters and receivers facilitate seamless communication between devices, while our Virtual LAN (VLAN) configurations segment network traffic and optimise performance, ensuring your wireless network is efficient and secure.

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    Customised Wireless Network Options for Every Requirement

    ClearView offers a diverse range of wireless network options to suit your specific requirements. Our Point to Point solutions are cost-effective wireless Ethernet bridges with throughput ranging from 100 Mbps to 1.4 Gbps. 

    We provide both licenced and unlicenced solutions covering various wireless frequency bands, ensuring optimal performance regardless of line of sight or environmental factors.

    Our Point to Multi-Point networks have been successfully deployed by municipal authorities, connecting educational institutions, CCTV, and ANPR systems. Our wireless mesh solutions serve as the last mile on Point to Multi-Point networks, offering cost-effective, high-bandwidth throughput. We also provide licenced microwave solutions for guaranteed performance and licence-free wireless options that utilise higher-frequency bands for minimal interference, adapting to your organisation’s changing needs.

    Wireless CCTV Networks for Enhanced Surveillance and Security

    ClearView’s Wireless CCTV Networks are ideal for IP surveillance, offering flexibility, control, and cost savings. Our wireless transmission solutions are suitable for re-deployable cameras at events or hotspot areas. We provide expert advice on the best IP cameras, network switching, video storage, and video management software available in the market, ensuring superior security and surveillance.

    Our Wireless IP design services include network design and architecture, Wi-Fi product design and testing, wireless surveying, Wi-Fi equipment configuration, penetration testing, systems integration services, planning application management, and network installation. Experience unparalleled reliability with our wireless systems that offer “five nines” (99.999%) availability, providing you with the peace of mind and confidence to focus on your core business operations.

    Comprehensive Wireless Network Design by ClearView Communications

    ClearView’s accredited and fully-qualified technical staff will recommend the ideal wireless systems for your organisation. Our solution designs consider transmission distance, line of sight availability, bandwidth requirements, and congestion, ensuring your wireless network meets your unique needs and expectations.

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      Common Questions about Wireless Networks?

      Can I integrate my existing wired CCTV system with a wireless network?

      Yes, you can integrate your existing wired CCTV system with a Clearview wireless network using wireless bridges or transmitters. These devices can convert the wired camera signal into a wireless signal, allowing for seamless integration of both wired and wireless cameras into a single network. Our team of professionals can help you determine the best approach to achieve this integration.

      What are the advantages of using wireless CCTV networks?

      Wireless CCTV networks offer a range of advantages, including fast and effortless installation without the need for cabling, versatility in camera placement to accommodate areas where running cables is challenging or impossible, easy scalability allowing for the addition or removal of cameras to the network as needed, and cost-effective installation due to reduced time and materials requirements.

      How does Clearview ensure the security of its wireless CCTV networks?

      At Clearview, we take the security of our wireless CCTV networks very seriously. We implement strong encryption protocols, such as WPA2 or WPA3, to protect the wireless connections. We also emphasise the importance of regularly updating firmware for cameras and networking equipment, changing default usernames and passwords for cameras and networking devices, enabling built-in firewalls in network equipment, and limiting remote access to CCTV networks while using strong authentication methods.

      How can I extend the range of a wireless CCTV network?

      To extend the range of a wireless CCTV network, you can use wireless range extenders or additional access points. These devices help expand the coverage area by receiving and retransmitting the wireless signal, ensuring a stronger connection in areas where the original signal may be weak. Our team of experts can provide recommendations based on your specific needs and help you choose the most suitable solution.

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