Up until now, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) has not been a viable tool for use with site visitor management and access control due to its high cost and technical complexity. ClearView want to offer affordable ANPR for everyone!

The GateREG ANPR system has been adopted by blue chip companies throughout the UK. Applications include parking, waste sites, commercial, education and public sector organisations which can benefit from using vehicle data to monitor and manage authorised and unauthorised visitors.

The system offers users a set of features that add to the security of any site. It can offer security to sites such as Ports or Airports, as well as more specific security measures for sites such as military bases, hospitals, traffic applications and town centre CCTV.

ClearView’s GateREG ANPR Visitor Management System is ideal for Car Park Access or Site Control. It intelligently monitors approaching vehicles, or oncoming traffic travelling at speeds up to 120mph. The registration numbers may be matched with the information in its in-built database, displaying selected information, e.g. Driver Name, Image of Driver, Vehicle Make/Model, which have been generated specifically by the site.