ClearView are delighted to add the HikVision DarkFighter Network Camera for Low Light Areas to their range.This ½” format camera is designed specifically to capture sharp colour and monochrome images in extreme, low light conditions. This results in crystal clear images down to 0.0002 Lux.

This camera is the ideal replacement for conventional network cameras and is available for internal, external, marine and hazardous area applications.

Superior Images from the HikVision Darkfighter Network Camera

DarkFighter is able to stream video in full 1080p HD at 50 images per second which results in latency free clear images day and night.

A defog feature also allows for improved image clarity in poor weather conditions.

Choices of Lens

The camera comes with a choice of wide-angle and telephoto varifocal megapixel lenses. These include IR correction and auto back-focus which allows the camera to adjust positioning of the image sensor to obtain an optimal focus.

DarkFighter also offers quick and easy integration with other video surveillance equipment and systems. For more information on Hikvision’s range of CCTV cameras and recorders please contact us today.