ClearView won the contract to upgrade the Eurotunnel French-side CCTV recording system using Indigo Vision IP network video recording solutions.

ClearView were appointed contractors for the project following the successful upgrade of the Euro Tunnel UK terminal which included the provision of 4 control rooms and over 20km of 1Gb fibre-optic cable.

EuroTunnel manages the Channel Tunnel link which is a large, demanding and diverse environment for surveillance and security, requiring a distributed system that can deliver high quality live and recorded video to many different users located throughout the site.

Recent changes in French regulations meant the existing system had to be upgraded to a much higher specification.

The existing 340 camera analogue system could only record 1fps, CIF resolution video for 3 days. The switching matrix had little spare capacity and also needed to be upgraded.

ClearView, who had already undertaken a CCTV installation for EuroTunnel’s UK terminal, were asked to provide a proposal to upgrade the system. The solution, an IndigoVision NVR-Networked Video Recorder system with virtual matrix, high definition IP cameras and `Control Centre` security management software with advanced video analytics.

Video can now be recorded at 25fps; 4 CIF resolution for 31 days and the virtual matrix enables operators located in multiple control rooms to view live and recorded video using workstations running the `Control Centre` software. With the correct permissions any operator can view any camera from any part of the system – a feature that EuroTunnel has used extensively.

Video recording is achieved using IndigoVision’s standalone NVRs, which are rack mounted. Nineteen 1.5GB NVRs were installed plus an additional three units as redundant back-ups.

Video analytics automatically detects and alerts operators to vehicles travelling in the opposite direction to traffic flow. This powerful tool, which has full audit trail, enables operators to quickly identify and capture tamper proof video clips following an incident.

Sylvain Pamart, Chief Project Manager at EuroTunnel said

“ClearView has provided a system with a user interface which is very intuitive. This has meant the operators quickly and easily adopted the new system. The Control Centre software enabled us to meet many of the new regulations and a networked system allows additional cameras to be added at any point on the network.”

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