CamoCam is an affordable and portable CCTV system that allows you to automatically capture high quality images or video footage and send them to your mobile phone or email. Its battery pack operates the camera for up to 6 months – ideal if mains power is not available.

How Does The “CamoCam” Work?

The camera features a PIR motion sensor. Once triggered, the camera will record video or snapshots. It stores the evidence on its internal memory and can transmit the recordings to your mobile phone or email via GSM/GPRS network.

The Benefits – Why Use a CamoCam?

  • High resolution 8 megapixel images
  • Small, discrete and portable (140 x 87 x 55 mm)
  • Battery life up to 6 months (standard AA batteries)
  • Built-in 940nm IR LEDs – ideal for capturing clear images at night time
  • Long range motion detection (20 metres)

If you need temporary surveillance, where network connection or mains power is not available, then CamoCam is ideal for you. Applications for CamoCam include surveillance of poaching, fly tipping or anti-social behaviour.

If you would like more information or a free demonstration of the CamoCam covert surveillance system, please call 01245 214104, contact us or email: [email protected]. Alternatively, see our range of other redeployable and covert CCTV cameras.