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Covert CCTV Cameras

ClearView’s Discreet Surveillance Solution: Covert Cameras blend into everyday objects for covert monitoring and invisible surveillance. Ideal for both commercial and domestic use.

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Unleash the Power of Discreet Monitoring with Our Sophisticated Covert Cameras

Our specialist manufacturing facility can build cameras into virtually any disguise, from electrical wall plates to pens, pot plants and briefcases. All cameras come equipped with optional audio for comprehensive monitoring. Stay one step ahead with our cutting-edge covert cameras.

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What is a Covert Camera?

For discreet surveillance, hidden cameras or spy cameras can be installed or placed without detection. Covert cameras monitor locations by looking at commercial or domestic objects without anyone knowing the camera is there. Often the secret camera is placed in an area that enables it to remain undetected.

Monitoring Covert CCTV Cameras

What are the Benefits of Covert CCTV Cameras for Businesses?

Covert cameras provide businesses with a discreet and effective solution for monitoring their operations. With versatile disguise options, comprehensive monitoring capabilities, and cutting-edge technology, these cameras are an essential tool for maintaining the security and success of any business.

  1. Discreet Surveillance: Covert cameras are designed to blend into the environment, making them ideal for businesses that require surveillance without drawing attention. These cameras can be disguised as everyday objects, such as clocks, wall plates, and pens, allowing them to capture footage without being noticed.

  2. Versatile Disguise Options: With the ability to build cameras into virtually any disguise, businesses can choose the most suitable option for their needs. Whether you need a camera for a specific location or object, there’s a covert camera option that’s perfect for your business.

  3. Comprehensive Monitoring: All covert cameras come equipped with optional audio, which provides businesses with complete monitoring capabilities. This audio feature allows businesses to not only see what’s going on but to also hear what’s being said, providing a more comprehensive view of their operations.

  4. Cutting-Edge Technology: Covert cameras use the latest technology to provide high-quality footage and accurate, real-time monitoring. This technology ensures that businesses are able to capture important footage and respond quickly to any incidents that may occur.

  5. Ideal for Both Internal and External Monitoring: Covert cameras can be used for both internal and external monitoring, providing businesses with the versatility they need to keep their operations secure. Whether you need to monitor your employees, customers, or premises, these cameras are up to the task.

  6. Increased Security: By using covert cameras, businesses can deter theft, fraud, and other criminal activities. With real-time monitoring capabilities, these cameras can also provide businesses with a rapid response to any security incidents that may occur.

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