IP networked devices are the norm in CCTV and access control.  However, ClearView now introduce a range of BS8418-compliant IP motion detectors for intruder monitoring.

What is BS8418?

BSIA have outlined the benefits of installing a BS8418 system.

The system will provide you with:

  • A level one response from the police or other responding authority
  • A benchmark level of security that could reduce your insurance liability
  • A reduced risk of theft and vandalism

Some of the reasons you may be looking for a BS 8418 system could include:

  • To protect staff during the day and goods during the night.
  • Most BS 8418 systems are purchased to protect expensive goods which are stored outside. These may include, for example: cars, lorries, trailers, or building products.

The IP devices provide both volumetric and long-range narrow field-of-view sensing, plus remote programming of all functions including beam detection, lux level trigger, sensitivity and coverage settings.  This allows quick on-line access over a user-friendly web interface.  They boast an exceptional resistance to false #alarms.

Communication is over your internet connection (over IP), with Power over Ethernet. This allows a single cable to provide both the data connection and the electric power.

Detect intruders from 500m away

The most powerful sensor in the range can detect objects and humans up to 500 metres away – without the need for lights, reflectors or separate transmitters and receivers.  This particular device is therefore ideal for monitoring very large detection areas.

For more information or a demonstration of these new IP detectors, please get in touch by calling us on 01245 214104