CCTV is increasingly being put to use on ships for the protection of vessels, cargo and crew. The technology is used for security, anti-piracy, health and safety – monitoring decks, engine rooms and control rooms. ClearView have installed hundreds of their specialist marine cameras on ships around the world. An example of the innovative use of marine CCTV was a recent installation on-board a 274m long Greek crude oil tanker.

The requirement was for monitoring the main deck, bridge and internal circulation areas. Since the cargo is crude oil, the main deck is a hazardous area where concentrations of flammable gases may occur. To safeguard these areas, ClearView installed 2-megapixel IP68 explosion proof cameras (intrinsically safe cameras) and infra-red illuminators. These devices meet ATEX and IEC Ex standards (namely ATEX certification II 2 G Ex d IIC T6).

In marine environments, the presence of a corrosive atmosphere can cause rapid deterioration and a premature replacement of the camera and lens if not properly protected. ClearView’s marine cameras are therefore constructed entirely from AISI316L stainless steel.

Monitoring of the deck was required day and night. ATEX and IEC Ex approved infra-red illuminators were used (certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications). Complete illumination of the deck was achieved using lamps capable of illuminating distances up to 250m.

In addition to routine surveillance, the client required still images from key cameras to be sent to specific email accounts on demand, and at timed intervals throughout the day. ClearView achieved this using their Maritime Surveillance Platform which allows authorised users to request images from cameras at specific times.

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