Clearview’s clients rely on the company’s 365/24/7 support service which provides a reactive response to any issues which occur with their electronic security systems – including resolution of problems via technical support from engineers via telephone or email, dispatch of an engineer to site or calling key holders or the police in response to remotely monitored CCTV images.

ClearView are delighted to announce that clients can now benefit from continuous health-check monitoring of their electronic security systems. Each system component is monitored every 60 seconds. In the event of a component failure, or imminent failure, the system sends an alert to the help desk. Examples of monitored events include camera image lost, encoder off-line, hard disc operating above normal temperature, IP network down and server failure. Physical conditions including humidity and door status can also be checked.

Alarms can be prioritised and sorted according to importance. For example, a hard disc failure may be categorised as Level 1 whilst a UPS battery charge running low could be level 5. Level 1 alarms may also be set to activate a physical alarm on site and send an SMS text message; Level 5 alarms may simply send an email to the help desk.

The monitoring system will often result in ClearView’s support team being made aware of a problem (or potential problem) before it has been detected by the user.

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