Watkin Jones Marshgate Lane, Stratford – Fire Stopping Installation

ClearView has recently completed the fire stopping installation works for Watkin Jones new site in Marshgate Lane, Stratford. This project covered 75 apartments over 12 storeys with commercial office space at the new development site in London. 

Watkin Jones is an existing customer, where ClearView was previously appointed as the passive fire protection contractor at their build to rent accommodation development on Sutton Court Road. which involved the installation of passive fire protection to the cavity barriers, apartment penetrations, risers, and lift shafts.


The project required fire stopping installation to the residential apartments, commercial office space, basement and plant room. 

Fire Stopping man doing Installation

ClearView solution:

Due to compatibility with the sprinkler system pipes, we used Quelfire products throughout the installation. We are committed to providing high quality, certified fire stopping products from UK manufacturers. The products we use are all independently tested to comply with the relevant fire stopping regulations and British standards.   

All passive fire protection installation works at Marshgate Lane were carried out by our fully certified and trained NVQ Level 2 engineers. The installation works included:

  • Letterboxes above doors, installing fire batt, intumescent mastic, and HP mastic.
  • Cable penetrations throughout, installing HP and intumescent mastic.
  • Risers, installing fire sealing compound, fire batt, HP mastic, and intumescent mastic.
  • Cross corridor doors, installing fire batt, HP mastic, and intumescent mastic.
  • Floor penetrations, installing fire stopping collars, HP mastic, intumescent mastic, compound, and fire batt.
  • Lift shafts, installing fire batt, HP mastic, and intumescent mastic. 

Quality assurance:

We worked alongside the M&E contractors to ensure the project was a success and complete within the time scale provided by Watkin Jones. 

For quality assurance, we operate in accordance with our ISO9001 certification. We logged all installation works onto our Boris system to record the progress towards the planned project timelines, where live real-time progress is available to the customer. As a result of a successful installation, we have upcoming passive fire protection projects in the pipeline for Watkin Jones.

Boris App

If you are interested in ClearView passive fire protection, including fire stopping and fire doors, please call 01245 214104 now or email [email protected].