ClearView has developed a range of Smart Cars, fitted with cameras and digital recorders, which meet the stringent requirements of the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) for approved devices for civil traffic enforcement.

In an era where road safety and adherence to traffic rules are paramount, local traffic authorities and parking enforcement agencies are progressively employing innovative solutions. ClearView introduces its range of Smart Cars, equipped with advanced camera systems and digital recorders. These Smart Cars comply with the stringent requirements of the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), certifying them as approved devices for civil traffic enforcement.

Enhancing Road Safety

ClearView’s Smart Cars are strategically deployed to target known traffic hotspots, congestion zones, and areas with recurring road safety issues. The multifaceted utility of these cars extends to tackling various road safety challenges including bus lane and box junction violations, management of school zones, monitoring shortcut abuses, and enforcing the ban on using mobile phones while driving.

The cars are conspicuously marked, serving as an effective deterrent, reminding motorists to comply with parking and traffic regulations. This is especially significant around sensitive areas like schools, pedestrian crossings, and busy junctions, where irresponsible parking poses a threat to public safety.

Staff and Pedestrian Safety

The implementation of Smart Cars is instrumental in not only improving pedestrian safety but also reducing traffic accidents and congestion. These vehicles facilitate the collection of irrefutable evidence in case of traffic rule violations, which diminishes the number of challenges to Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) and ensures that the enforcement operations are just and transparent.

Additionally, civil enforcement officers and parking attendants benefit from an enhanced sense of security as the technology deters aggressive behavior from drivers, who are aware that any misconduct may be captured on camera.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Equipped with high-tech features, each Smart Car boasts a pan/tilt/zoom camera attached to a hydraulic periscope that can extend up to 3 meters above the roof. The interior of the car houses a compact joystick controller and a high-performance mobile digital recorder. Users have the flexibility to view and download images within the vehicle or remove the recorder for in-depth analysis.

Adhering to VCA standards, each recorded frame encompasses crucial data such as the time and date (synchronized with the National Physical Laboratory MSF transmitter), a unique frame identifier, and the enforcement location coordinates. The video records at D1 resolution with a full frame rate of 25 fps. The RAID1 mirrored hard disk configuration ensures the simultaneous recording on independent disks, while watermarking safeguards the recordings against unauthorized tampering.

Moreover, the smart ignition control power management system, coupled with low power consumption and voltage monitoring, guarantees that the CCTV system does not impair the vehicle’s battery life.

ClearView is at the forefront of revolutionising traffic enforcement with its CCTV Smart Cars. For more information on how this innovative solution can contribute to safer and more orderly roads in your community, get in touch with us today!