Nexus Infrastructure – Security System Installation & Maintenance

Nexus is a leading provider of essential infrastructure services to the UK housebuilding and commercial sectors. Nexus has recently opened a new office at Nexus Park at Great Notley in Braintree, requiring a complete security system installation and maintenance. After a successful tender process, ClearView won the contract to provide a security system that includes system design, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, and our recommendations for ongoing service support.

Nexus security system installation


Nexus required and tendered for a CCTV system, Access Control system, Intruder alarm system and an Intercom system with SIP integration with the buildings telephony system. The main objectives of the CCTV system are to assist in the day to day management of the building and assist the Nexus Park staff in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in and around the building.

A high-resolution CCTV camera system was required to cover wide areas such as the car park. This was essential to monitor groups of individuals outside their main entrances or loading bay area, providing recognition quality images of all entry and exit points. The static CCTV cameras were to be mounted and located covering entrances, lift lobbies, front of house areas, circulation areas, restricted staff corridors and external perimeter access.

The main requirement for the intruder alarm installation is the signalling and detection of unauthorised or attempted intrusions, reducing false alarms and providing a silent remote signal for personal attack and duress situations.

The required access control system was to assist with securing the site, the building’s perimeter and controlling visitor/staff access to designated areas such as staff restricted areas. The access control system requirements were to:

  • Provide an accurate transaction log of all system activity along with recorded visual evidence if required
  • Information from the Electronic locking Systems will be monitored and controlled from the staff office.
  • Ensure that all access control systems installed to fire exit routes were accessible and could be used by all in the event of a fire, meeting the requirements of the designated building regulations as per BS EN 1125.

The intercom system was required to continuously control access to the main building entries or on a timed basis and to be integrated with the access control system.

CCTV, Access Control and intruder install


ClearView installed Hikvision CCTV cameras throughout, including fixed dome IP cameras and external bullet type cameras installed externally at strategic positions. The design entailed high-resolution, 4-megapixel cameras connected to 2 x Networked Video Recorders.

We installed Commend intercoms throughout the site to provide communication between the various building access points and the staff office.

Paxton access control systems were installed to the internal doors and gates, allowing access into the building & speed gates

This installation comprised a proximity card reader system to entrances around the site as specified on plans supplied by the client. The proximity cards support multiple functions per card, including proximity access control at various levels and privileges and cashless vending. The cards are printable and can be used for photo identity purposes. The system was connected to the fire alarm such that the locks would release should a fire be detected.

A Texecom intruder detection and alarm system have been installed throughout the site. Including a remote keypad that allows control of specific zones and to determine system status. Features include:

After a successful installation & developed relationship, ClearView is due to provide service maintenance for all systems on-site, including the take over of the fire alarm system, which was not part of the original scope of works.

CCTV bell box - Nexus

I am one of the Directors of Tamdown Group Ltd and managed the planning, design and build of our new office at Nexus Park at Great Notley in Braintree. Clearview were engaged to provide the security system for the new building which included CCTV, Door entry & Intruder Alarm along with the ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

We found during the tender stage Clearview were the most professional company out of all of the tenderers and had highlighted areas to us where our design was either lacking in detail or was not insurance compliant.

During the construction process we found Jerome Kempster (Project Manager) worked well with the site team as did the Clearview operatives on site. During the commissioning stage there needed to be close coordination with our IT department in order to give access to the company system along with wiring in the associated servers, again although quite complex both teams worked well together. During the project I have found Clearview very diligent, design and cost conscious. I would be happy to recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Jeremy Brett (Pre-Construction & Planning Director).

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