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With over 25 years of experience in designing, installing, and maintaining state-of-the-art security systems, we have become a trusted partner of many retailers across the UK. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by retailers when it comes to security and fire safety.

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Fire and Security Specialists

Fire and security systems are essential in retail establishments to protect against fire and criminal activities, safeguard people and property, comply with legal requirements, and maintain the reputation of the retailer. 

Our industry leading fire and security products and services are designed to meet the unique needs of each retailer. We can undertake a comprehensive risk assessments to audit the risks, both internal and external, as well as your specific requirements.

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Retail Video Analytics: unleash the full potential of your camera systems with Video Analytics – say goodbye to just loss prevention and hello to limitless possibilities. Facewatch state: facial recognition for retail is proven to reduce theft in your business by at least 35% in the first year.

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Security Systems

We provide a range of solutions tailored to the needs of the retail industry, including CCTV cameras, access control systems, intruder alarms, and fire detection systems. Our systems are designed to provide comprehensive protection against all kinds of threats, from shoplifting and employee theft to more serious security breaches.

Our advanced software platform integrates and manages all of your security infrastructure, providing you with a single, unified view of your entire system. We use the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to provide advanced threat detection and analytics, enabling you to identify potential threats before they occur.

Our solutions are scalable and future-proof, ensuring that they can adapt to the changing needs of your business. We work closely with you to design and implement a system that meets your specific requirements, from single-site retail stores to multi-site retail chains.

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Installing CCTV cameras can deter criminals and provide valuable evidence in the event of a crime, give insights to your consumer buying behaviours, whilst helping retailers to maintain a safe and secure environment for their customers and employees. The ability to monitor activity in real-time allows retailers to identify of any suspicious behaviours and act immediately, reducing criminal activity and preventing any losses/damage. 

We understand the importance of CCTV systems in retail establishments and provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each retailer. Our experts will work with you to design, install, maintain, monitor your CCTV to meet your exact requirements. We will strategically install cameras throughout your retail establishment, to provide coverage of all areas, including sales floors, stockrooms, and entrances and exits. For a comprehensive security solution, we can also integrate your CCTV cameras with other security systems, including access control systems and intruder alarms. 

Intruder alarm systems are crucial in retail establishments. We understand the importance of intruder alarm systems in retail establishments and provide tailored solutions to detect and deter criminals whilst meeting the unique needs of each retailer.

ClearView provides industry leading security solutions to protect your business. We can fully install, maintain, and remotely monitor your intruder alarm system to meet the standards of the police and insurance policies. Our NSI Gold accreditation provides you with peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable supplier. 

Intruder alarm systems can also be integrated with other security systems, such as CCTV cameras and access control systems, to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Access control systems are becoming increasingly important in the retail industry as they provide a high level of security for customers, employees, and property. Retail establishments can benefit greatly from the installation of access control systems as they provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to control access to certain areas within the store and can also be used to monitor employee behaviour.

ClearView can design and install an access control system that meets the specific needs of your retail establishment. We will then fully maintain the system to ensure it is fully operational at all times.

Access control systems can be integrated with other systems, including CCTV cameras and intruder alarms, providing a comprehensive security solution, and reducing false alarms. 

Public address systems are an essential tool for retailers to communicate with their customers and employees. These systems allow for announcements to be made throughout the store, such as for safety and security purposes in the event of an emergency, announcements regarding sales, promotions and other special events, and even to improve the customer experience by providing background music or creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Public address systems is that they can be integrated with other systems, such as security cameras and access control systems. This integration allows for more efficient and effective management of the store’s security systems, improving overall safety and security.

We will work with retailers to design, install, and maintain a public address systems suited to their unique requirements, to ensure the correct system is is place to provide excellent customer service and most importantly maintain a safe and secure shopping environment.

Gate and barrier systems are an important part of security for retail establishments, providing a physical barrier to prevent unauthorised access to restricted areas, such as stockrooms, delivery areas, and car parks. These systems can be designed to meet the specific needs of each retailer, providing an effective and reliable security solution.

As an approved Gate Safe Installer, we can install and maintain your gates and barrier system to the highest of standards ensuring your premises is protected at all time. 

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CCTV Solutions

Unlock the power of customer insights and take your business to the next level! Want to know exactly how many people are walking through your doors? Keen on delivering unparalleled customer service and maximizing your marketing efforts? ClearView can make it happen!

CCTV can do more than protect your premises and safeguard your staff and employees. Get targeted marketing with the power of conversion ratio analysis. Obtain a clear understanding of customer traffic patterns – know when your store is busiest and allocate resources to maximise sales. Elevate your business performance to new heights by comparing your data with industry leaders and fine-tuning your operational strategy for maximum success.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning enables us to give retailers valuable insight into real-time operating conditions.

With ClearView’s cutting-edge CCTV technology retailers can rely on accurate people-counting, quick identification of VIPs, the optimal layout of goods and reduced waiting times helping you optimise operations and improve customer experience.

Ai Features and Capabilities Explained

ClearView’s people counting solution uses high-resolution IP cameras to clearly distinguish the number of people in a group. It handles situations where people linger or make a U-turn in the counting zone in a variety of challenging lighting conditions – including strong back-light which is often present at store entrances.

The system can report on:

  • Conversion rates

  • The occupancy rate of a building

  • The number of visitors at any moment

  • Peaks of visitors’ activity in the store

  • Activity in specific store areas

  • Number of visitors in comparison with the number of employees

  • Customer re-visits

Empower your customer service with the latest technology! Your VIP customers are a crucial part of your success, but sometimes your staff may not be able to spot them right away. Don’t let valuable opportunities for personalisation slip by. Facial recognition cameras give you the accuracy you need to quickly identify your most valuable customers and offer them the exceptional experience they deserve at all times.

Heat-mapping cameras show retailers a colour-coded map of how much time shoppers spend in different store areas revealing hot spots and dead zones.

With a ClearView of customer flow, over time, retailers can optimise store layouts and merchandise goods effectively.  This will increase sales revenue, reduce checkout waiting times and enhance the shopping experience.

Waiting time can have a significant negative effect on customer experience.  Retailers can suffer from flash queues with potential shoppers leaving before purchasing. If you can understand and keep track of customers queuing and proactively reduce waiting times customer satisfaction and sales will increase.

ClearView’s queue detection solutions can help retailers manage their checkout lines in real time. The cameras count the number of people in each queue and alarm at pre-set levels.

Retailers lose millions of pounds every year because of shoplifting, employee theft, vendor fraud, administrative errors, vandalism, burglary and other crimes, most of which usually occur around Point-Of-Sale (POS) areas.

Point of Sale (POS) integration combines till transaction data with CCTV making it easy to identify specific transactions including receipt information, transaction IDs, item numbers, register numbers, employee numbers, location or amounts. It allows you to detect suspicious transactions and possible fraud scenarios and reduce shrinkage by efficient monitoring of the POS area.  It can automatically track suspicious transactions such as cancellations, returned items, stolen credit cards, discounted items or manual entries.

Our POS CCTV link allows store management to be present at multiple stores remotely at any time from anywhere. The solution delivers a quick return on investment.

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Fire Safety Systems

Fire safety systems are essential for retail establishments. It is not only a legal requirement but also crucial for the safety of all employees, visitors, assets, and the facility itself. Retail establishments are often busy and crowded places, which increases the risk of fire. Fire safety systems can help to mitigate this risk and provide early warning of a fire, allowing for a quick and safe evacuation.

At ClearView, we understand the importance of fire safety systems in retail establishments. Our expert design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring services ensure compliance with all regulations, protect life and property, reduce insurance costs, and provide increased confidence in preventing business interruption.

As a BAFE certified and NSI Gold accredited company, we maintain excellent standards for all fire safety systems and services to ensure maximum protection and compliance.

Fire Alarm Smoke Detector

A fire alarm system is designed to detect smoke or heat and sound an alarm to alert occupants of the building to the presence of a fire. The alarm can also be connected to a central monitoring station, which can alert the fire department in the event of a fire.

Fire alarm systems are a legal requirement in retail establishments. ClearView can design, install, maintain and monitor your fire alarm systems to ensure compliance and maximum protection at all times. 

Fire suppression systems, such as sprinkler systems or fire extinguishers are a legal requirement and highly important in retail establishments. These systems are designed to put out fires quickly and prevent them from spreading, reducing the potential damage to the building and its contents.

ClearView can supply, install, test and maintain your fire extinguishers to ensure maximum protection and compliance at all times. 

Emergency lighting is essential to guide occupants of the building to the nearest exit in the event of a power failure or other emergency. It is important that emergency lighting is installed and maintained properly to ensure that it functions correctly when needed.

ClearView provides emergency lighting installation and maintenance to the highest of standards to ensure your facility is fully compliance and protected from the risk of fire. 

Passive Fire Protection 

ClearView specialise in passive fire protection installations and is certified by the IFC for fire stopping and fire door installation works. With our fire door repair, remedial works, and fire door maintenance services, we can ensure that your retail establishment is fully compliant with relevant British Standards.

We are committed to providing certified and high-quality fire door and fire stopping products sourced from the best UK manufacturers. Each product has been individually tested to guarantee compliance with relevant British Standards.

Passive Fire Protection is a crucial component of structural fire safety. All new buildings and refurbishments must incorporate Passive Fire Protection measures in accordance with UK building regulations. At ClearView, we take this requirement seriously and ensure that your retail establishment is fully equipped with the necessary fire protection systems to keep your customers, employees, assets, and facility safe.

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ClearView offers industry leading fire and security solutions for retail businesses looking to safeguard their assets and customers. Get in touch with ClearView today and secure your retail business for a successful future. 

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