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Facilities Management

ClearView operates successful partnerships with many companies providing property management, facilities management and mechanical and electrical (M&E) service companies by providing specialist design, project management and maintenance support to clients providing security technology solutions.

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The Importance of Fire and Security Systems in Facilities Management

Fire and security systems are essential for effective facilities management that help ensure the safety of employees and visitors, protect physical assets, and ensure business continuity in case of fire or security risks.

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We support organisations in the construction and building services sectors. Our philosophy is to work as a true partner, providing expertise, skills and resources to support the main contractor or management company.

specialist security systems

Facilities Management Security Systems

Fire and security systems for the defence industry must be designed to withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and other challenges unique to military installations. They must also be highly reliable and effective in detecting and responding to potential threats. As such, they are typically designed and installed by experienced contractors with specialised accreditations and expertise in defence industry applications.

ClearView’s tender and bid teams will work with you to provide detailed security designs including:

  • Site plan layouts
  • Schematic drawings
  • Equipment and IP schedules
  • Project plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Quality Plan
  • Training Plan

We provide fully documented training courses in electronic integrated security systems so that we can help you develop your security solutions knowledge. This enables your support to become increasingly effective. ClearView can design, install, maintain, and monitor specialist security systems.


our commercial security systems include

ClearView’s CCTV systems provide facilities managers with increased security and safety, as well as valuable insights into employee behaviour and potential safety risks. By deterring crime, detecting criminal activity, and monitoring safety hazards and employee behaviour, our CCTV camera systems will help facilities managers run a more efficent and safer facility.

Our 365/24/7 call centre and remote CCTV monitoring facilities are made available to clients to allow us to provide service support and remote monitoring, technical fix and preventative maintenance audits of contracted security systems

ClearView can design, install, maintain, and monitor your facilities CCTV systems to ensure maximum protection. 

Intruder alarm systems are extremely beneficial for facilities management. Such systems are designed to detect any unauthorised entry into a facility and then alert security personnel or law enforcement.

Our intruder alarm systems are crucial elements of facilities management that will ensure the safety and security of the facility and its assets. By deterring crime, providing a prompt response to incidents, protecting assets, monitoring activity, and meeting all regulatory requirements, our systems will ensure facilities managers maintain a secure and efficient facility.

We can design, install, maintain and monitor your facilities intruder alarm systems for the ultimate protection and peace of mind. 

Monitoring, restricting, and recording the movement of people or vehicles in and out of your premises is crucial for maximising security. Access control systems enable you to achieve all of these objectives and more. By installing access control systems, you gain the ability to effectively monitor, restrict, and record the movement of individuals and vehicles, providing you with greater control over the security of your premises whilst meeting regulatory requirements.

ClearView can design, install and maintain a wide range of proximity and biometric access control solutions including:

Additionally, We can integrate your access control equipment with all your other integrated security components including your CCTV and intruder detection systems to ensure maximum protection. 

Facilities management can benefit greatly from the installation and maintenance of gate and barrier systems.

ClearView are approved Gate Safe installers and our commercial automated gates and barriers will provide increased security, improved traffic flow, greater control over access, remote operation, and regulatory compliance. By installing gate and barrier systems, facilities managers can ensure the safety and security of their premises, while improving the overall efficiency of their operations.

comprehensive fire safety solutions

Facilities Management Fire Safety Systems

Fire safety systems are a legal requirement within facilities management. They protect the safety of all employees, visitors, assets and the facility itself.

Our fire safety system installation and maintenance will ensure you comply with all regulations, protect life and property, whilst reducing insurance costs and providing increased confidence and business interruption prevention. By investing in these systems, facilities managers can ensure the safety and security of their facilities, while improving their bottom line.

ClearView are a BAFE certified and NSI Gold accredited company, it is of paramount importance we maintain excellent standards. We can design, install, maintain, and monitor your fire safety systems to ensure maximum protection and compliance. 

LINEAR HEAT|fire safety importance

our fire safety systems include

Fire alarm system installation, maintenance and monitoring is essential for facilities management. The reason being, it provides early fire and smoke detection which protects life and property, rapid responses, compliance with regulations, and reduced insurance costs. By investing in fire alarm systems, facilities managers can ensure the safety and security of all their facilities and compliance. 

We can design, install, maintain and monitor a variety of fire alarm and smoke detection systems, to meet the unique requirements of your facility, in accordance with regulations and British Standards. 

Fire extinguishers are a crucial element of facilities management’s responsibility to ensure and maintain a safe and secure environment for those that live or work in the building. Our comprehensive site survey will allow us to help you establish the types of fire extinguishers and blankets you require to comply with British Standards BS 5306-3: 2017. ClearView can install, commission, and service all types of fire extinguishers to ensure your building is fully compliant. 

Emergency lighting is legal requirement and an essential component of a building’s fire safety plan. The system can include exit signs, illuminated escape routes, and emergency lighting units that provide backup power during an outage or emergency such as a fire. Facilities management can help prevent accidents and injuries during emergencies, ensuring the safety of building occupants and compliance by providing regularly tested and inspected emergency lighting.

ClearView can install and maintain emergency lighting, to ensure maximum protection of your facility. 

complete facilities management solutions

Passive Fire Protection

ClearView is passive fire protection installation specialists certified by the IFC for fire stopping installation and fire door installation works. We can ensure your defence premises is fully compliant with relevant British Standards with our fire door repair, remedial works and fire door maintenance services.

We are committed to providing certified, high quality fire door and fire stopping products from only the best UK manufacturers which have all been individually tested to guarantee compliance with relevant British Standards.

Passive Fire Protection is a crucial component of structural fire safety. In accordance with the UK building regulations, all new buildings and refurbishments must incorporate Passive Fire Protection measures.

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Your Commercial Fire & Security Questions Answered

Choosing the right fire and security system for your facility requires a thorough understanding of your facility’s needs and legal requirements, a risk assessment, evaluation of different systems, consideration of monitoring and response capabilities, and a site survey with a professional provider.

ClearView can help you choose the fire and security systems required for your facility, ensuring your building is fully compliant and secure. 

This fully depends on the system in question. Alarm systems such as fire alarms and monitored intruder alarm systems require 2 ppm’s per annum (6 monthly services). This is the same with automated gate and barrier systems. The majority of other fire and security systems are only recommended to be serviced once a year, depending on your requirements.

Contact a member of our team for speiclaist advice. 

ClearView can integrate your sites fire and security systems to provide a more comprehensive solution for your facilities safety and security needs. This integration will help improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the overall effectiveness of all your systems.

Making sure your fire and security systems are up-to-date with the latest technologies and regulations is essential to ensuring compliance and maximum safety and security of your facility and its occupants. It requires staying informed, conducting regular inspections and risk assessments, consulting with professional providers, performing regular testing and maintenance, and regular employee training.  

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Facilities Management Fire and Security Systems

Ensure the safety, security, and compliance of your facility with ClearView’s comprehensive fire and security systems, designed specifically for facilities management. Our team of expert professionals will collaborate with you to design, install, and maintain a bespoke system that adheres to the strict standards and requirements of facilities management. Contact one of our specialists for more information. 

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