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Leisure & Hotels Fire & Security Systems

ClearView has provided fire and security systems for a wide range hotel and leisure facilities in the UK including entertainment venues, hotels, holiday parks, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and sports stadia. Our focus is to create a safe and secure environment for both staff and visitors.

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The Importance of Fire and Security Systems

ClearView provides fire and security solutions that are specifically designed for the unique needs of leisure facilities and hotels.

Fire and security systems are crucial for ensuring the safety and security of guests and staff in leisure and hotel facilities. By investing in these systems, facility owners and managers can provide peace of mind to their customers and staff, as well as protect their business from potential liabilities, whilst ensuring it is fully compliant. 

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ClearView has recently completed the remedial and fire door installation works at the Southend Tennis & Leisure Centre. Our team has provided passive fire protection and fire door services to the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council across more than 17 sites. We take pride in delivering high-quality solutions to our clients and ensuring the safety of their premises. 

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Security Systems

Security systems are critical for any leisure and hotel facility, as they help to ensure the safety and security of guests and staff, as well as protect the property from theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities.

ClearView can design, install, maintain, and monitor specialist security systems to meet the unique requirements of leisure and hotel facilities. 

our security systems include:

CCTV systems systems have become increasingly important in leisure and hotel facilities due to their ability to enhance security and safety. CCTV cameras are used help ensure the safety of guests and staff by monitoring high-risk areas such as entrances, exits, and parking lots. They can be used to deter criminal activity, identify potential threats, prevent false claims, and provide evidence in the event of an incident.

ClearView can design, install, maintain, and monitor specialist CCTV systems to ensure maximum protection of your site. 

Access control systems are an essential component of security in leisure and hotel facilities. They provide a way to control who enters and exits the premises, enhancing safety and security for guests and staff, as well as protecting your assets by preventing unauthorised access. These systems can also provide a log all all those that have entered and exited the site along with other reports. Access control systems will also help ensure your facility is complaint. 

We can design, install, maintain, and monitor all types of access control systems to ensure maximum protection of your premises. 

ClearView offers a range of intruder alarm systems that enhance security by detecting security breaches, deterring criminals, and providing peace of mind. Installing and maintaining an intruder alarm system can help safeguard heritage buildings from security threats such as theft and vandalism, while also fulfilling insurance requirements. When integrated with other security systems, such as CCTV and access control, a comprehensive security solution can be created for leisure and hotel facilities, providing reassurance for both guests and staff.

At ClearView, we offer a complete service that includes designing, installing, maintaining, and monitoring your intruder alarm systems to ensure maximum protection for your premises.

Our gate and barrier installation and maintenance provide enhanced security in leisure and hotel facilities, by controlling access to the facility. This helps to prevent unauthorized entry and reduces the risk of theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities, whilst complying with regulations. 

Gate and barrier systems allow for custom access levels, where only authorised personnel and vehicles are granted access. This ensures that sensitive areas such as loading docks, staff entrances, and emergency exits are restricted to the entry of those with authorisation only.

With these systems in place it provides a record of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, allowing for better management of traffic flow and parking and can also improve the guest experience by providing a sense of safety and security.

As an approved Gate Safe installer, we can fully install and maintain your gate and barrier systems to the highest of standards.  

 fire safety solutions in leisure and hotel facilities

Fire Safety Systems

Fire safety are an essential component of safety in leisure and hotel facilities. These systems are designed to detect and respond to fires, alert occupants to the danger, and provide a means of escape. It is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Act 2005, that all non-domestic properties have fire safety systems in place and conduct regular fire risk assessments (FRA). 

As a BAFE certified and NSI Gold accredited company, we must maintain excellent standards.  

Our services include the installation and maintenance of various life safety systems, such as fire alarm design and commissioning,  fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and fire risk assessments.

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our fire safety systems include

Fire alarm systems are designed to detect fires and alert occupants to the danger. These systems include smoke detectors, heat detectors, and manual call points, and can be integrated with other fire safety systems such as sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems. With our BAFE accreditation, we can design, install, maintain and monitor your fire alarm systems to ensure your building is fully compliant and protected. 

In leisure and hotel facilities, fire safety is a critical concern, and fire extinguishers are a vital part of any fire safety plan. These extinguishers can help prevent small fires from escalating into larger and more dangerous fires. However, it is crucial to ensure that fire extinguishers are placed in the right locations, regularly maintained, and that staff are adequately trained to use them effectively during an emergency.

Regular maintenance and inspection of fire extinguishers are essential to ensure they are in good working condition and can be relied upon in case of a fire. At ClearView, we can supply, install, test, and maintain your fire extinguishers to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and provide the best possible protection for your guests and premises.

In leisure and hotel facilities, emergency lighting is a crucial safety feature, ensuring safety during emergencies, emergency lighting systems are also essential to comply with fire safety legislation, reducing liability risks for building owners or responsible persons. Emergency lighting plays a critical role in guiding people to safety by illuminating exit routes, stairs, and other important features of the building.

At ClearView, we understand the unique requirements of each facility and can supply, install, and maintain emergency lighting systems tailored to meet specific needs while complying with legal requirements. Our services can help ensure the safety of guests and staff during an emergency, providing peace of mind to building owners or responsible persons.

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Passive Fire Protection

ClearView specialise in passive fire protection installation, and have carried out these works for a large range of clients within the leisure and hotel market, including Gatwick Hilton Hotel and Southend-On-Sea Council Tennis and Leisure Centre. We are certified by the IFC for our expertise in fire stopping installation and fire door installation works. Our services also include fire door repair, remedial works, and fire door maintenance, ensuring that your facilities comply with all relevant British Standards.

We are dedicated to providing quality and compliant fire door and fire stopping products sourced from reputable UK manufacturers that have undergone individual testing to ensure compliance with British Standards. We understand that passive fire protection plays a vital role in ensuring structural fire safety and adhere to UK building regulations that require the integration of Passive Fire Protection measures in all new construction and renovations.

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Your Fire & Security Questions Answered

CCTV systems can enhance security in your facility by providing visual surveillance and recording of activities. They can deter criminal activity, help with investigations, and provide evidence in case of a security breach. CCTV cameras can also provide artificial intelligence, allowing you to get reports and in depth information, including highly populated areas and customer behaviour and demographic profiles. The need for CCTV and the specific type of CCTV system installed, will depend on the unique requirements and security risks of your facility.

Fire risk assessments should be conducted regularly, at least once a year by a competent person, or whenever there are significant changes to the building or its use.

In accordance with BS 5839 regulations, it is mandatory to have all detectors, call points, panels, and circuits tested every six months by a qualified and knowledgeable person with expertise in fire alarm systems and smoke detectors. Fire alarm systems should be tested weekly by a responsible person. Any major faults or issues must be addressed immediately. 

The type of fire extinguisher required in a facility depends on the type of fire that may occur. There are five main types of fire extinguishers: Water, Foam, Powder, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Wet Chemical. The type of extinguisher required will be determined by a fire risk assessment carried out by a competent person.

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Fire and Security Systems in Leisure and Hotel Facilities

Secure your leisure and hotel facilities with our specialist fire and security solutions. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to develop, set up, and manage a comprehensive system that is tailored to meet the specific demands and requirements of your leisure and hotel facilities.

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