Trying to decode and display the myriad of CCTV players now in circulation is a time consuming problem and an unwanted drain on resources for the police and courts. However, salvation is at hand with the “UniVue,” a Universal CCTV player, developed by ClearView Communications.

UniVue – A Unique Breakthrough for CCTV Players and Decoders

UniVue is a unique technological breakthrough in the world of CCTV decoding. It provides users with a single GUI (graphical user interface) for the replay a wide range of different CCTV video formats without the need for users to re-learn player controls for each manufacturer’s system.

It automatically finds the appropriate CCTV codec from the hundreds of CCTV players and displays the images with minimal user intervention.

UniVue also provides facilities useful for the replay of evidence within the Criminal Justice System. For example, if the time/date stamp is not present on the video picture, it may be superimposed back onto the video in an appropriate font, size and colour.

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