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Data Centre Fire & Security Systems 

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Protect your critical data and secure your data centre with ClearView. Ensure the safety and peace of mind of your team and customers by investing in the right fire safety and security systems.

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The Importance of Fire and Security Systems in Data Centres

Data centres play a crucial role in securely storing vast amounts of sensitive data, and protecting that data is a top priority for both data centre providers and their customers. This is why having efficient and compliant fire and security systems is essential for any data centre. Providers need to be adept at demonstrating the effectiveness of their fire and security systems to give customers confidence that their data will always be secure, as well as to comply with legislation.

Security Systems Fire Safety Systems

CCTV systems can provide data centres with enhanced security, quick identification of security breaches, increased visibility, improved safety, and compliance with regulations. These benefits can help data centres protect sensitive information, prevent security incidents, and ensure business continuity.

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Data Centre Security Systems

Data centres need robust security systems to protect against physical and digital threats and ensure business continuity. At ClearView, we provide tailored security solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your data centre. 

We can design, install, maintain, and monitor your security systems to ensure it is still working to its best ability.

our security systems include

Our CCTV solutions provide 24/7 monitoring of your data centre, allowing you to keep an eye on activity inside the facility and identify any potential security threats.

Our access control systems allow you to control who enters your data centre, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

All visitors should be checked against defined access lists. It’s critical to have control over who can enter your data centre. This may be in the form of access cards or biometrics:

  1. A biometric system scans the fingerprint or iris of the person trying to enter the data centre. Any unauthorised access attempts result in the individual being unable to pass through the data centre’s mantrap.
  2. A mantrap has two sets of interlocking doors, and identification, preferably biometric, is required at both points. If the biometric system, activates the security alarm then all doors will lock restricting the individual from accessing the site.

Our intruder detection systems can detect and alert you to any unauthorised attempts to enter your data centre, allowing you to respond quickly and prevent any potential breaches.

Gates and barriers are an important element of your comprehensive security system to protect data centres from unauthorised access and intrusion, comply with regulations and guarantee business continuity. Our gates and barriers can be customised to meet the unique needs of your data centre, including access control, monitoring and alarms. We can also integrate our gates and barriers with other security systems to provide a comprehensive solution, including access control, CCTV, and intruder

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Data Centre Fire Safety Systems

Data centres are essential for storing critical information, such as financial records, customer data, and intellectual property. As such, it’s essential to keep these facilities protected from potential fire hazards. Data centres need robust fire safety systems to protect against potential fire hazards, comply with regulations, and ensure business continuity. At ClearView Communications, we provide tailored fire safety solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your data centre.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) is the main piece of legislation governing fire safety in buildings in England and Wales. It applies to all workplaces and the common parts of buildings containing two or more domestic premises. It places legal duties on anyone in control of these premises (the Responsible Person – usually the owner or landlord) to undertake a fire risk assessment and put in place and maintain general fire precautions.

ClearView can install, maintain, and monitor a range of fire safety solutions designed specifically for data centres. Our systems include:

LINEAR HEAT|fire safety importance

our fire safety systems include

Data centres are critical facilities that store sensitive and valuable information. It is therefore essential to protect them against the risk of fire, which can cause extensive damage, disrupt business operations, and potentially lead to data loss. Fire alarm system installation and maintenance will help to protect against the risk of fire, comply with regulations, and ensure business continuity. At ClearView Communications, we provide tailored fire alarm solutions designed specifically for data centres.

We provide tailored smoke detection solutions designed specifically for data centres. Smoke detection systems are essential to protect data centres from the risk of smoke damage, comply with regulations, and ensure business continuity.

Fire extinguishers are an important component of a comprehensive fire safety system to protect data centres from the risk of fire damage. comply with regulations, and ensure business continuity. At ClearView, we provide tailored fire extinguisher solutions designed specifically for data centres, training for data centre staff on the proper use of fire extinguishers, as well as ongoing maintenance to ensure they remain in full working condition whilst complying with all necessary regulations.

Emergency lighting is an important component of a comprehensive fire safety system. It protects data centres comply with regulations, and ensures the safety of occupants. ClearView provide bespoke emergency lighting solutions designed specifically for data centres. Our emergency lighting systems provide clear visibility in the event of a power failure or other emergency, helping to guide all occupants to safety. We also provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance of emergency lighting systems to ensure they remain in optimal condition and comply with all regulations.

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Passive Fire Protection

With data centres having multiple cable penetrations it is crucial to install fire stopping products such as fire compound which is usually used for sealing electrical cable penetrations.

Penetration Seals testing standards are set in BS EN 1366 Fire resistance Tests for Service Installations. This standard determines the method for ascertaining the fire resistance of horizontal and vertical ventilation ducts. The test criteria and methods for pipes and cable penetration and seal resistances of fire separating elements are also included.

ClearView provides passive fire protection solutions to data centres including:

We are certified by the IFC for all passive fire protection installation, repair and maintenance works. Contact one of our specialists to discuss the required PFP services required to ensure compliance and maximum protection of staff, visitors and assets.

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Your Data Centre Fire & Security Questions Answered

  • Fire safety systems should be tested at least once a year and in accordance with UK Statutory Regulations and British Standards.
  • Security systems should be tested regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly and to identify any vulnerabilities
  • Protecting valuable and sensitive information
  • Complying with regulations
  • Minimising the risk of fire damage and unauthorised access
  • Ensuring business continuity in the event of an emergency or security breach

Yes, fire safety and security systems can be integrated, providing a comprehensive safety and security solution for you data centre. For example, access control systems can be integrated with CCTV camera systems to provide complete coverage and log of those accessing the data centre and when.

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Data Centre Fire and Security Systems

We provide reliable and effective fire and security systems for data centres. Whether you’re building a new facility or upgrading an existing one, we can provide a range of services to meet your unique requirements. If you have any questions about our services or would like to request a quote for your project, please click the button below. 

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