A high speed data network which runs over existing electrical wiring is known as Power Line Communication (PLC) or Ethernet over Power (EoP). This technology allows the creation of IP networks for use onboard ships and offshore platforms, and can also be applied ashore for in-building networks.

ClearView’s EoP technology enables companies to provide data services on existing tonnage without the need to lay new cables.

By using EoP technology the ship’s existing electrical circuit can be transformed into a digital network that can deliver data, voice, image and sound files anywhere throughout the ship. The usual heavy cost of providing such a network is therefore minimised, with minimum down time.

The network can distribute any IP service including broadband to cabins and offices, or CCTV for ship security and health and safety. New services can be accessed simply by plugging the EoP unit into a power socket – turning the socket into a data port.

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