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Access Control Solutions

An established access control company

Operating from our offices in Chelmsford, Essex, we can provide the design, installation and maintenance of access systems for clients across the UK.

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Protect Your Premises

To maximise your security it is essential that you monitor, restrict and record the movement of people or vehicles both in and out of your premises. Installing access control systems allows you to do all of this and more.

Additionally, you can integrate your access control equipment with all your other integrated security components such as your CCTV and intruder detection systems. This allows greater visibility of your premises and increased protection of your staff and visitors. Access can be controlled to premises in a variety of ways and often by layers of perimeter control including;

Intercom Installation can help with access control and keep your premises safe in addition to other methods.

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What are The Benefits

Some of the benefits of installing access control include:

  • Integration with your other security systems to maximise protection
  • Reduced administration time through visitor management software
  • Full control over when and where your staff, visitors and vehicles are permitted
  • Enables all your security to be controlled centrally

Our access control systems provide a secure method of card control, using strong, mechanically reliable and trouble free locks.

Whether you are a small organisation, an educational establishment, or a large commercial business we can design the right, bespoke access control solution for you.

ClearView provide a comprehensive range of access systems and services for our customers in Essex, London and elsewhere in the UK.

Whether it be the provision of a welded mesh fence for a school, or an integrated security system combining multiple systems, we are here to provide you with a fully tailored plan that will secure and protect your premises. Our solutions include footfall counter, video door entry system & gate intercom.

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    Automated electronic security systems

    Gates & Barriers

    ANPRGates & BarriersVisitor Management

    Security barriers and gate systems are integral parts of an automated electronic security system’s access control solutions, as they are protected by locks, intermittent guard patrols, fixed guard posts, road blockers, rising bollards, contact alarms, CCTV or a combination of all these systems.

    Installation information maintenance services
    Comprehensive visitor management system

    Visitor Management

    VisitoREG is ClearView’s comprehensive visitor management system that provides people and asset tracking, both on or off site.

    It is used by large and small organisations alike from small businesses to county councils, colleges and Blue chip companies.

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    A new level of reliability


    ClearView’s award winning GateREG ANPR system brings a new level of reliability to vehicle monitoring and access control. You can monitor a multiple traffic lanes with a single camera, with each vehicle being logged on the system’s database. GateREG is a networked ANPR system which can automatically read reliably at high speeds, in the dark and with glare created by vehicle headlights. The system can accept an unlimited number of ANPR and overview cameras.

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    Access Control Systems

    To deliver the best solution for your business, ClearView has a wide range of proximity and biometric access control solutions. Access control technology is rapidly changing with the adoption of smart cards which can carry out a multiple administrative tasks – giving a simpler system to use and freeing up your staff resources.

    Access control card systems can be used to record:

    • Alarm monitoring and notification of system breaches
    • Staff and visitor’s time and attendance
    • Locker management
    • ID badge design and production
    • Roll call and mustering – ensuring employees are safe


    Network Based Multi-Location Access Control

    To lower the cost, your access control systems can be connected over your IP network, using Cat5 network cable and Power over Ethernet technology. This will reduce installation time and lower the amount of energy consumed throughout the system’s operational life, without comprising on quality.

    Furthermore, by using IP Networks, we can connect all your sites, across multiple cities, to a central database making management far simpler.

    Why choose ClearView?

    Your Friendly Access Control Installer

    ClearView will undertake a risk assessment to enable a design to be drafted using products ranging from proximity systems and PIN keypads, through to biometric identification systems. All can be integrated into existing IP or Security Management Systems networks.

    We are accredited to the highest levels by the most advanced access control system manufacturers on the market including NedapBorerNortech, Lenel and Paxton.

    Synergy Security Service & Maintenance

    Our Synergy service and maintenance package can save you money on your fire and security systems whilst ensuring maximum protection for your staff, property and assets.

    This bespoke security maintenance package increases your system’s life span, giving you complete peace of mind that all your fire and security systems will work when you need them to.

    Interested in learning more about the wide range of access solutions that could be applied to your premises? Contact us or call 01245 214104 to speak to a member of our team.

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