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Automated Gates & Barriers

Security Barriers, Gate Systems, Blockers & Bollards

Security barriers and gate systems are integral parts of an automated electronic security system’s access control solutions, as they are protected by locks, intermittent guard patrols, fixed guard posts, road blockers, rising bollards, contact alarms, CCTV or a combination of all these systems.

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Durable Security Barrier & Gate Systems

The presence of security barriers and gates provides protection from access of unauthorised personnel to your premises. For nearly twenty years, ClearView have designed, installed and maintained durable security barrier and gate systems. Take a look at our gates and barrier brochure here. 

Other access control systems include:

High level of security
Benefits of Security Barriers & Automated Gate Systems

Security barriers and gates offer a high level of security to your premises. With the support of Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems, CCTV Systems, Intercoms and Access Control our gates and barriers will:

  • Act as a deterrent to unauthorised personnel
  • Create a solution for traffic control
  • Improve security to your premises


Security gates pose the largest threat of security breaches. But through gate, barrier and road-blocker automation, you can reduce the need for manpower. This requires the design of appropriate gates, blockers, gate operators and access control systems using the right fence materials that may include anti-climbing, anti-cutting and/or terrorism resistance features.

What can ClearView offer you?
Commercial & Industrial Security Barriers & Gates

ClearView works with leading manufacturers in commercial security gates and industrial perimeter barriers to bring you a wide choice of designs to suit your operational requirements. Examples include:

  • Bi-folding speed gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Pedestrian gates and turnstiles
  • Barriers
  • Existing gate automation
  • Rising bollards
  • Door automation
  • Security portal doors

Our accredited and award winning hard and software technicians provide specialist project management throughout the entire design, supply and installation process.

Synergy Security Service & Maintenance
Did you know that we can also carry out service and maintenance of your Gates & Barriers?

Our Synergy service and maintenance package can save you money on your fire and security systems whilst ensuring maximum protection for your staff, property and assets.

This bespoke security maintenance package increases your system’s life span, giving you complete peace of mind that all your fire and security systems will work when you need them to.

Get in touch with us today to see how ClearView can help you meet your security needs.

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