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Visitor Management

VisitoREG Management System Software

VisitoREG is ClearView’s comprehensive visitor management system that provides people and asset tracking, both on or off site.

FPA Protection Association Member 2021

Visitor Management

It is used by large and small organisations alike from small businesses to county councils, colleges and Blue chip companies.

VisitoREG’s software suite is designed to work independently or as a part of an integrated system to protect your premises. In addition to managing visitors, the system can control contractors and resources. It can also manage and control all your access controlled doors.

Other access control solutions include;

Visitor Management

VisitoREG helps reduce the risk of unauthorised access to your premises by maintaining a record of who is currently on-site at any given time.

The system can create temporary day or multi-day visitors passes and allows you to track and question those without an ID pass.

You can register when they arrive or pre-register your visitor’s details from your desktop. When a visitor is added, the system stores their details and recalls them when needed. VisitoREG Visitor Management is configurable to your individual needs.

VisitoREG provides many benefits, including:

  • Handling all on-site visitors
  • Recording when visitors enter or leave the premises
  • Creating ID passes for visitors in advance
  • Detailing live updates for who is currently on-site
  • Stopping unwanted visitor from entering the premises
full control
Visitor Access

“VisitoREG Access Control” ensures the right people are allowed into the right places at the right time within your building. By preventing unauthorised access to your premises, the risk to your staff and property is minimised.

The system is IP-based and can operate over multiple sites. Multiple formats are supported including Mifare, HID, proximity and biometric.

“VisitoREG Access Control” controls, logs and manages IT access to all your access controlled doors and vehicle gates.

  • Prevents unauthorised access
  • Provides time in & time out information for staff & visitors
  • Time and zone entry requirement for key areas of your site
  • Controls which staff have access to specific rooms

“VisitoREG Contractor” provides an extensive audit trail of all ongoing work performed by contractors on your site. You can manage all documents, such as work permits and risk assessment forms, assigned to each specific contractor.

By being better informed about the contractors that are visiting your site, you remain in complete control. VisitoREG contractor also manages the job request processes, site access and job reviews, while making sure all necessary health and safety steps are taken from the start.

With VisitoREG Contractor software, you can:

  • Pre-book contractor’s and allocate permits
  • Create contractors ID passes efficiently
  • Devise reports on all past bookings
  • Receive live updates while the contractors are on-site
  • Ensure all correct documentation has been completed prior to work taking place
  • Check method statements, risk assessments and competencies
  • Operate post-completion job review
  • Touch screen tablet option for self-registration on arrival
Resource Manager

“VisitoREG Resource Manager” helps you organise and monitor how your company utilises your resources, such as meeting rooms, presentation screens, car park spaces and catering while removing unnecessary costs and increasing your site’s efficiency. The system shows a calender view of all room bookings and provides email confirmations plus an equipment database.


With “VistoREG eKey” your staff can book and control meeting room access. The system allows a virtual key to be sent to any networked device throughout the world. Once an eKey is provided to a member of staff (via PIN code), the staff member enters the PIN on arrival to gain access.

eKey applications include conference rooms, secure facilities, remote sites, hotel or holiday home accommodation, educational establishments, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and law enforcement.

Vehicle Tracking

Keep track of all cars entering your premises in real time. With VisitoREG you can record the details of first time visitors and confirm whether they have permission to enter your grounds. In addition to monitoring every type of vehicle entering your site, you can find out:

  • Who a driver is
  • Where they will park
  • Items they bring onto site
  • Items they take from site
  • Do they have authorised access to the site?

Additional vehicle records include freight, route, dispatch numbers, driver’s name, registration number and who signed the goods out.

First driver visits are flagged and their details recorded, with a general permit issued to confirm site rules – all printed in the driver’s language.

Fire Alarm Roll Call

“VisitoREG Roll Call” removes the needs to print a roll call and can be connected to your premises’ Fire Detection system. Roll Call can be accessed via desktops, tablets and smartphones allowing the person who takes the roll call to evacuate immediately too. It is a full automated system which connects to your fire alarm.

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