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Mobile CCTV Cameras

Rapid Deployment CCTV

Mobile CCTV cameras have different descriptive names which can be confusing for people to understand. For example, re-deployable CCTV and rapid deployment CCTV are both names that are used to describe mobile CCTV systems. However, in essence mobile CCTV means that it can be deployed to a location quickly to provide video surveillance at short notice or for temporary uses, such as construction sites, traffic enforcement or to monitor public events.

Our range of

Mobile CCTV Systems

Our range of mobile & redeployable CCTV Camera systems have various transmission options, including:

  • Mobile phone/4G/5G
  • Wireless IP
  • Copper & fibre-optic cable

We will select the most appropriate transmission system to suit the application which depends on mobile transmission coverage and other geographical considerations including Line-of-Sight.

All our systems are design to be rapidly deployable, this makes them ideal for a variety of temporary use cases across many business sectors including; Law enforcement, Rail, Construction Sites, Councils, Government, Live Events.

Mobile CCTV systems help industries quickly deploy a surveillance system which will assist in reducing crime. When combined with our CCTV monitoring services you can be assured of a proactive and always monitored system.

mobile cctv cameras installed on post
What are the benefits of Mobile CCTV?
Redeployable CCTV Camera Benefits

Easily and rapidly deployed – A camera record or transmit unit can be mounted onto lamp posts and walls using standard fixings or located internally. To activate, a 230VAC mains power (battery power option) is required.

Viewing – Multiple cameras can be viewed from any standard PC or laptop connected via IP, ADSL or even on your mobile phone.

Variety of transmission methods – Using mobile, 4G, 5G, GSM, HSCDS and Wireless IP networks, the re-deployable camera system can transmit pictures without needing a fixed telephone line. Connection and download speeds range from less than 1 ips (GSM), to real-time 50 ips @ 4 CIF (wireless IP) dependent on the network used. The preferred mobile network service provider is 4G+ due to its high speed data uplink capabilities.

Continuous video recording – whenever the camera sees motion, even if images are not being viewed remotely. Recorded images can also be viewed remotely after the event. The hard disc is provided in removable caddy format, so that the complete disc may be removed for viewing using a PC or laptop. Evidence may be secured and stored for use within the Criminal Justice System at a later date.

  • High speed pan, tilt and zoom functions
  • Full telemetry control
  • Transmit pictures without the need for fixed line
  • Ideal for monitoring covert operations
  • Continuous recording with removable hard disc caddy
  • Operates with all standard CCTV cameras
  • Rapid deployment
  • Suitable for temporary installation
  • Camera options – 8MP Fixed, 12MP Fisheye IR or 25x Zoom PTZ IR
  • Multi-camera options of up to 3 per unit
  • Wi-Fi, 4G and long-range wireless (10km radius)
  • Long-range digital zoom on recorded images
  • Fisheye MP single camera to cover large area
  • Design weight of less than 2.0kg
  • VCA ‘approved device’ for Penalty Charge Notice and traffic management

What does a system include?
Mobile CCTV Company - ClearView

All of our systems will be provided with the following as a minimum standard;

  • Fixed IP addresses
  • A  500Gb on-board removable hard disc drive
  • Wall and lamp post fixing brackets

CCTV recordings may be downloaded remotely over the transmission link, or locally using wired or wireless IP.

What types are available?
Rapid Deployment Camera Types

There are a few types to consider which offer different benefits which may be required depending on the application. We can advise on what specification is best for you.

  • Intelligent auto-tracking camera – auto zoom in and follow specific, user-defined behaviour
  • High speed re-deployable dome or vandal-resistant PTZ camera with full telemetry control
  • Fixed weatherproof colour/mono camera with telephoto lens and IR illumination
  • Covert pin-hole camera within a variety of hides

Police Mobile CCTV Cameras
Mobile CCTV Camera Applications

Crime and anti-social behaviour often occurs sporadically in areas not protected by fixed line CCTV Systems, so the system can be rapidly deployed to monitor crime hotspots.

Fly-tippers frequently target remote sites. This system can operate without mains power and can be deployed discreetly in areas other systems are unable to reach

Events & Festivals – Mobile TrailerCam

ClearView has been providing trailer mounted redeployable camera systems for many years and manufactured a large number for use on the London Olympic 2012 Park.

The TrailerCam rapid deployment CCTV system provides an immediate surveillance solution for any site, however remote. It is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent CCTV applications comprising rugged PTZ camera mounted on a 6m telescopic tower. Options include fixed cameras, wireless PIR detectors, PA system and a range of transmission options.

TrailerCam is simple to install and its heavy duty design makes it extremely robust and stable. It can be remotely monitored using the IMMIX Security Management System.

Its compact design means TrailerCam fits comfortably into a transit van for transportation. On site it is easily manoeuvred into position by one person and its wheels can be removed as an anti-vandal measure. The telescopic tower is first extended horizontally, before being raised to the vertical using a hydraulic ram. The system operates using site power, but has a built-in battery back-up which provides full operation for up to 72 hours.

Standard Configurations

All ClearView Redeployable CCTV Camera models feature vandal resistant housings. Ease of install/uninstall supports the ability to quickly redeploy if required.

ModelCamera ConfigurationConnectivity / StorageStandard Accessories
IC POD One camera
ONE 8MP Hi-Res
Fixed focus
Long range Wi-Fi
4G streaming
SD Card
Carry case
Power lead
IC1-Redeployable Camera -One cameraONE 12MP 360 Fisheye
Long range Wi-Fi
PTP/PTMP Wireless (5km)
4G streaming
SD Card
Pole mounting kit
Carry case
Power lead
ClearView-Redeployable Camera - Two cameraONE 8MP Side Cam,
ONE 12MP 360 Fisheye
Long range Wi-Fi
PTP/PTMP Wireless (5km)
4G streaming
SD Card
Pole mounting kit
Carry case
Power lead
IC3-Redeployable Camera
Three camera
ONE 12MP 360 Fisheye
Long range Wi-Fi
PTP/PTMP Wireless (5km)
4G streaming
SD Card
Pole mounting kit
Carry case
Power lead
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