For the construction of the 22-storey Sutton Court Road Build to Rent Accommodation in South London, ClearView Communications has chosen and installed Quelfire’s ‘one-stop-shop’ QuelStop Fire Stopping System to effectively fulfil the passive fire protection requirements of the high-rise project.

Comprising a mix of studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments, totalling 165 units over 22 storeys, Sutton Court Road Build to Rent Accommodation is Watkin Jones Group’s latest development near Sutton Station, South London. For the high-rise multi-occupancy building, the installation of an effective passive fire stopping system was required throughout the whole site to ensure building and occupant safety. Appointed as the passive fire protection contractor on this project was ClearView Communications.


Alan Ward, Sales Director at ClearView Communications said: “All buildings are essentially divided into compartments. Compartmentalisation ensures that fire is contained at its point of origin and therefore slows down the spread of flames and smoke from one compartment to the next, increasing the time people have to escape and reducing structural damage. To achieve effective fire compartmentation, any voids and services passing through fire compartment walls and floors, such as cables, pipes and ductwork, must be properly fire stopped – and it was our job to source high quality and certified firestopping products for this project.

Fire Stopping man doing Installation

To read more on ClearView’s solution for Watkin Jones, Sutton Court Road, please see the full case study on the Quelfire website.

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