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Access Control Company in Chelmsford, Essex

ClearView is an established access control company. Operating from our offices in Chelmsford, Essex, we can provide the design, installation and maintenance of access control systems for clients across the UK.

Access can be controlled to premises in a variety of ways and often by layers of perimeter control.

This section holds information on our access control systems including:

Why not also see how ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) can help keep your premises safe?

ClearView provide a comprehensive range of access control systems and services for our customers in Chelmsford, Essex and elsewhere in the UK. Whether it be the provision of a welded mesh fence for a school, or an integrated security system combining multiple systems, we are here to provide you with a fully tailored access control plan that will secure and protect your premises. Our solutions may or may not include bi-folding speed gates, intercoms and proximity access control.

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