Great Whelnetham Church of England School – Fire Alarm Zone Chart Design

Great Whelnetham Primary is a small village school situated outside Bury St Edmunds and attended by over 80 pupils.

Great Whelnetham school requested a fire alarm system zone chart because the one they had was outdated due to renovation works. You must have a printed and displayed zone chart at the main fire alarm panel and any repeater panels with any fire alarm installation.

This is a requirement under BS5839-1. The Zone chart is used to locate alarms efficiently and is used primarily by the fire department, unaware of the building’s layout. This can save time locating the fire, preventing loss of life and damage to the building.

ClearView has supported the school, ensuring they are fully compliant in accordance with their responsibilities under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the school’s commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all their pupils.

We used a CAD tool to plot zones over the most recent structural drawing. We then colour code each zone to ensure it’s easy to differentiate each zone whilst utilising the school’s requirement of specific fonts and logos.

ClearView are BAFE certified and can provide all aspects of fire alarm system services, from design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. We can also offer additional support, recommendations and advice about your fire alarm system and requirements under statutory law. See our fire regulations page for more information.

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