There has been a lot of talk about airport security facial recognition over the past few years, but now it is actually being implemented in response to increasing security threats. With the US introducing security technology and Dubai International Airport looking at airport security facial recognition next year, it looks likely that this technology will soon start to show up in airports across the globe.

What is airport security facial recognition?

Much the same as fingerprint technology, security facial recognition involves looking at a live capture of a person and comparing it to images stored for the individual. For example, in an airport, the live image may be compared to the passport photo and with the use of the technology, is able to identify key features of the individual. It is becoming increasingly common and the popularity of these integrated security systems is set to surge over the next 5 years. Donald Trump is an advocate of this technology and has demanded that US airports start to use better technology to improve their security measures.

Why is it used?

There are several reasons why airport security facial recognition is used. The main one, of course, is that it offers greater security. In a time when there are increasing security threats, the technology can help to identify individuals who may pose a threat. Thus, they can help to increase safety for customers. Another reason for the technology is that it may improve waiting times and could also help airlines to avoid implementing laptop bans in-cabin.

Is this a positive step?

Although some airlines, including China Airlines, have been quite vocal about the negative aspects of the technology and the possibility of larger waiting times caused by a tougher security process, many believe this to be a positive step. The security of customers should be the number one priority and if this improves through the introduction of the technology, it can only be a good thing. If it does, in fact, help to make waiting times shorter, this can also only be a positive step. The technology can measure the time it takes from the customer entering the building to boarding, so airlines can take steps to improve their processes.

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