Providing adequate security in schools and colleges is extremely important. As well as protecting school buildings and equipment, appropriate security measures should also guarantee the safety of schoolchildren, students and staff.

Whilst it is rare for an authorised person to try and gain access to a school site, this should always be considered when security options are being proposed. Whether an estranged parent or a stranger tries to gain access to a playground or classroom, there must be effective security measures in place to stop this from happening.

Intruder detection and access control are, perhaps, two of the most effective measures when it comes to preventing unauthorised site access. Appropriate for when the school is in use or when it is closed over the weekends and during school holidays, intruder detection can provide an immediate alert when security has been breached.

In addition to this, access control ensures that staff are able to authorise guests and visitors before they are allowed to enter any part of the site. Whilst schools and colleges do receive visitors on a daily basis, access control systems ensure that their identity can be verified prior to them entering the site.

Using ANPR to monitor vehicles

As many schools and colleges have their own parking facilities, ANPR technology can easily be used to track vehicles entering the school premises. When used in conjunction with additional security measures, this enables schools and colleges to identify potentially unwanted or unauthorised vehicles which are accessing the site.

If your school or college doesn’t have dedicated parking facilities, you may find that parents and staff park on the surrounding roads. By liaising with the local council, it may be appropriate to install ANPR cameras in the surrounding area so that vehicles can be traced if they have no valid purpose for being near the school in question.

Deterring unwanted visitors

Whilst security measures should be effective in ensuring that no one gains unauthorised access to a school site, they also prevent people from trying to do so. When security measures, such as ANPR systems and video surveillance, are visible, they can provide an effective deterrent.

If vandals are looking to target a school or are attempting to steal costly equipment, for example, they can be dissuaded from doing so if effective security measures are in place. With technology providing a variety of digital security options, there are many ways for schools and colleges to enhance their existing security system.

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