It has been announced that Hikvision, once again, have achieved the highest global ranking in the “Security 50 Ranking and Reports 2017”.

Hikvision specialises in video surveillance technology, designing a full range of CCTV products such as CCTV cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Digital Video Recorders (DVR). In 2017 it was reported that Hikvision saw a 29.2% increase in revenue in 2016.

The list is compiled by the A&S editorial team who collect financial data from all major security manufacturers. This is to find out, either, who has the largest global market share or the highest product shipment to global partners.

Hikvision holds the top spot – #1 manufacturer in video surveillance products and CCTV solutions

Determined to continue leading the way in surveillance solutions. It was also announced in 2017 that plans are underway to establish a research and development centre in Montreal and a research institute in Silicon Valley in California.

These two investments will research into innovative, cutting edge technology for security surveillance solutions. Whilst Montreal’s facilitiy will focus on engineering development, the institute in Silicon Valley will undertake research on a much broader scale.

This marks the first time Hikvision has opened facilities which are outside of China and is part of Hikvision’s strategy to advance its local support and service in regions outside of China.

New Intelligent Video Surveillance Technology – “DeepinView” CCTV cameras & “DeepinMind” NVRs

More recently, Hikvision have spearheaded a development in intelligent cameras. These cameras are part of the “Deep Learning” range.

We’ll be telling you about this range of intelligent CCTV cameras and NVRs later in the week so look out for a blog update on “Deepinview” and “Deepinmind”

In reference to the new range of CCTV cameras, Keen Yao, Vice President of Hikvision International Business Centre has said: 

“We’re committing great energy to drive new technology-based solutions, illustrated by the recent introduction of Hikvision’s Deep Learning “DeepinView” cameras and “DeepinMind” NVRs. AI is not just hype any longer, it is a reality. This advanced intelligent technology has been proven out in the field, where Hikvision has installed it successfully to deliver many practical security, management and safety benefits in many applications across the globe, including in Public Safety, Traffic, Retail business and more,” 

“The achievement is also attributed to our relentless product research and development, and above all, thanks to the support of our customers and valued partners. Partnership is essential to the Hikvision business. In the coming years, we will present more innovative partner solutions to the market to create a safer and more secure world.”

“We always believe that there are superior ways to perceive our world. We shift angles to get the whole picture. We invent instruments to see further and in more detail. We record what we see to discover the reasons behind appearances. To see, to understand, and to respond. This is how we break new ground” – Hikvision promotional video

How do ClearView work with Hikvision?

Whilst Hikvision manufacturer and supply all types of CCTV products and video surveillance, you’ll need a company to design and install a system which meets all of your security requirements. E.g what cameras you need and where the cameras need to be placed in order to gain maximum coverage of your premises.

ClearView work with a wide range of different CCTV suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that we are providing the most efficient and cost effective products for your bespoke CCTV requirement.

We have a CCTV solution for every client’s needs. To design you the most efficient system, we will:

  1. Carry out a full audit of your site, taking in to consideration what you already have in place.
  2. Understand from you, what you would like to achieve with your new CCTV system.
  3. Take your requirements to our designers, so we can put together the most efficient and cost effective solution.
  4. Email or present in person to you, a bespoke quote which meets your exact needs.

Are you looking for a new CCTV system but not sure what you need? Call us today on 01245 214104, book your free survey or email us at [email protected]