Having Security systems in place is crucial to any modern business. Security cameras deters criminal activity and promotes the safety of the public and staff. Modern security systems now have the ability to add commercial value to retail outlets by providing management data that can save expense and help drive sales.

How can security systems help the retail industry?

CCTV systems with video analytics are becoming increasingly popular with retail businesses. Using these systems adds value to your retail business by:

  • Heat mapping
  • Facial recognition
  • Queue monitoring

Queuing data maximises operational efficiency at a store. It can track efficiency improvements and support evidence for possible improvements.


How can Heat Mapping benefit you?

  • Retailers can evaluate how consumers use the shop floor
  • It illustrates popular areas and patterns, in order to tailor layout and promotions for better impact
  • Gives an insight to busier areas so retailers can place staff and products in those areas to drive more sales
  • Multi-site retailers can use data to compare stores and duplicate successful sales strategies

How can facial recognition help your business?

  • It is linked to a powerful software that when installed vastly reduces shoplifting and abusive behaviour towards staff.
  • It has the ability to quickly identify individuals on the software and create instant alerts
  • It can be shared with other data base users and send alerts if they enter the premise to prevent crime before it takes place

Facewatch state: facial recognition for retail is proven to reduce theft in your business by at least 35% in the first year. It’s time to self-help!

Save money on security system maintenance by combining existing contracts with ClearView’s Synergy Package:

  • CCTV
  • ANPR
  • Intruder Alarm
  • Access Control
  • Fire Systems
  • Emergency Lighting
Entrance & Exit – Blacklist

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