ClearView decided to give back to our community this Christmas by helping a local charity that would benefit from our electronic security expertise.  It was decided by our staff that we would look to carryout a security installation for free in Chelmsford.

We found it an impossible decision to choose and agree upon a local charity. We thought it would be best to contact Essex Police and ask for their advice and recommendations of which charities in Chelmsford would be most benefit from a new security system.

Essex Police kindly pointed us in the direction of the Public Protection Manager for Chelmsford city council. We were then informed that there is a worthy charity for the homeless, vulnerable and isolated in our city of Chelmsford. The charity is called Sanctus and they were in the process of opening up their new community hub. This provided a great opportunity to install a new security system before the launch date so that the equipment would be in place for Christmas.

Introduction to Sanctus

Sanctus are a registered charity based in Chelmsford, Essex that offer homeless and vulnerable individuals the sustenance, support and guidance needed to enrich their future. Sanctus is highly important to the local community as it offers a lifeline for the vulnerable and homeless in our city by providing shelter from the cold and loneliness, a safe warm space to eat and be around others.

The new Sanctus hub

The Sanctus Hub expands the charities opportunities, with the purpose to expand and enhance the add on services they offer to their vulnerable service users. Not only will they be able to feed the Homeless and vulnerable but also offer them additional services in order to help get them off the streets. The services include various counselling and the access to the internet in order to create CVs and find opportunities for work.

“This is a fantastic charity that really makes difference for the vulnerable people it serves.” (Michael Vincent, Managing Director ClearView Communications Ltd).

Our process

Firstly, we carried out a site security survey to ascertain the current security status and the security risks of the site. The survey visit was hosted by Emma Goldie who is the Trustee and Founder of Sanctus. ClearView identified that Sanctus would benefit from an upgraded CCTV, Intruder and Hold Up Alarm System. This information was collated, and the system was subsequently designed based on the security risk assessment of the site.

The installation was completed as quickly as possible to ensure minimum disruption at the site. Post installation completion, training was carried out for Sanctus staff to ensure that they understood how to operate the security equipment.

Installation Security Benefits

The newly installed 13 camera CCTV system now enables Sanctus to easily extract CCTV footage as required and the Hold Up Alarm system provides increased security for the Sanctus staff in the event of an incident.

“Thanks so much and please thank Michael. The team have been amazing, supportive, considerate and professional.” (Emma Goldie, Trustee and Founder of Sanctus).