With the recent dramatic fall in price of reliable ANPR systems, many more car parks are using the technology to manage access. ClearView have recently been awarded several contracts for car parks with demanding requirements satisfied by their GateREG system including:

ANPR LED Message Boards – Welcome!

ClearView can provide LED message signs directing vehicles to specific car parks and showing free ANPR LED Message Boardcar park spaces and car park full messages. The signs can display the number of available spaces relevant to the particular driver’s group allocation.

VIP Access

Facility to allow particular “VIP” cars access to the car park – even if the car park is deemed full for other vehicles.

View your car park remotely

Ability for users to view the car park status remotely over the internet to see current car park usage. GateREG is a flexible system with the ability to log all vehicles approaching the car park and open the barrier for registered “white list” vehicles. A single high resolution ANPR camera can monitor multiple traffic lanes and log each vehicle on the system’s database. GateREG ANPR cameras incorporate variable intensity IR-lamps, fast-shutter and remote zoom lens control to ensure optimal images are captured – even at high speed – with overview picture and speed detection options. The system can activate a vehicle barrier, sound an alarm, send a text message or email and display vehicle data on an LED sign. Tables and charts can be created to show management data including black list vehicles, journey times, car park occupancy, returning vehicles and average stay time. GateREG can be easily interfaced to external databases (e.g. parking payment machines, access control and weighbridge systems). Format compatibility includes SQL, Oracle, Excel and CSV files. A Wiegand output is also available for access control systems. Our team at ClearView will be happy to discuss your particular ANPR requirements to help create a solution to meet your parking needs. Call 01245 214104 today!