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Fire Door Installation

Certified Fire door installers based in Essex

ClearView are fire door installation and passive fire protection specialists, based in Chelmsford, Essex. Our certified fire door installers install and maintain internal fire doors throughout the UK and have been involved in many documented large scale construction projects. We install and maintain fire resistant doors for  local authorities, law enforcement, the MOD, Network Rail, the NHS and commercial and retail sites.


Fire door installation specialist that you can rely on

Fire Door Installers

Correctly installed fire doors play a vital role by ensuring that when the door is closed, a tight seal is formed between the door and the frame. This is crucial in protecting your building and protecting the escape routes for people to evacuate safely in the event of a fire.

ClearView fire door installers are third party accredited through the International Fire Consultants (IFC). We follow industry best practice and the manufacturers guidelines to ensure that your fire door installation is compliant. This will ensure that your fire rated door sets work as designed to protect your people and  assets from the spread of smoke and fire.



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Badly fitted fire doors don't protect from fire and smoke
How to Install Fire Doors Correctly

We strongly recommend that you only allow certified fire door installers to work on your fire door sets. Get this wrong and the installed fire resistant  doors may not comply with statutory regulations and may not function correctly as designed in an emergency situation.

The fire door manufacturer’s instructions or installation guide should be followed during the installation process and for maintenance of the door leaves. The instructions will also identify when and how to maintain the door.

The correct safety signage should be used, the code of practice for escape route signage should be referenced  BS 5499-4:2013. The door must be checked for the certification label. The label will show the fire rating of the door such as FD60. It will also have a fire certificate number and the name of the manufacturer.

Fire door ironmongery must have CE marks and must be compatible to comply with UK regulations. Ironmongery consists of hinges, latches and door closers. They must all be securely fixed and of the right specification to comply with the fire door leaf certification label.

The relevant fire door regulations must be adhered to, this will help ensure compliance. The fire door frame must have the same FD rating as the door. Intumescent seals and cold smoke seals must be checked and specified correctly to ensure compatibility between the door frame and the doors (fire door sets).

Fire resisting glazing must have a CE mark to show conformity with European standards. The gap between the frame and the fire door must be between 2mm and 4mm when installed, 3mm is the target for fire door installers.

Once installed, the fire door closer should be tested to make sure that it effectively closes the door against the seal and that it operates the latch when closed.

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Fire rated door installation

Fire Door Regulations
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Fire Door Installation Specification

We are certified to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 9001 Quality management System, and ISO 14001 environmental management system. You can be assured that our fire door installation processes are robust, tested, cost effective, and environmentally sound.

We work with a number of leading fire door manufacturers and suppliers to provide a wide range of doors, including FD30 (designed to protect from fire and smoke for 30 mins) and FD60 (60 minutes). Our specialists will ensure that the correct doors are specified to ensure compliance as well as ensuring the design of the door is in keeping with your current aesthetics.

All our fire resistant door products are designed, tested and certified to the correct standard to ensue that they meet their specific fire resistance requirements.

Internal fire door installation

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Fire door compliance
Fire Door Installation and Maintenance Regulations

The Regulatory reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states the requirements of the responsible person pertaining to fire safety planning and mitigation for the risk as per highlighted by a fire risk assessment. BS 8214:2016 is the official document for installation, maintenance and specification of timber fire doors and BS 9999 notes the importance of regular door inspections to ensure fire safety is maintained.

If you want to understand more about passive fire protection regulations follow the links below:

Confirm that your fire doors meet the standards by using our FREE Fire Door Inspection Checklist

Fire resistant doors

Fire Door Regulations
Reduce costs and ensure compliance
The Importance of Fire Door Inspections & Maintenance

Fire doors play a vital role in an emergency by ensuring that when the door is closed, a tight seal is formed between the door and the frame to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

The two main types of fire resistant door, the FD30 fire door and the FD60 fire door are designed to survive fire for either 30 minutes (FD30) or 60 minutes (FD60). However, doors that are not correctly maintained could result in a failure that may put lives and property at risk.

For fire safe doors to work as intended as part of a fire strategy they must be of serviceable condition to protect lives and property in the event of a fire. Fire door maintenance can also save cost on replacement fire doors because small repairs can be undertaken at regular intervals.

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Fire Door Inspection and Maintenance
Fire door installers based in Essex
Certified Fire Door Installation Specialists

ClearView are third party certified by the International Fire Consultants through UKAS to install, maintain and repair fire doors, to give you piece of mind that you have chosen a fire door company with the correct qualifications, certifications, and experience.

We currently install and maintain fire doors for several critical national infrastructure sites, local authorities, schools, and commercial and retail buildings. Our passive fire protection team regularly work on large-scale construction projects where we are trusted as the passive fire protection specialist that you can rely on.

We operate ethically and responsibly by never recommending replacing a door unless they are beyond economical repair. We aim to carry out cost effective remedial work were possible to provide value.

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Cost effective repairs to keep you fire doors safe and serviceable
Fire Door Repairs

A survey conducted by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme in 2019 noted that 76% of fire doors inspected, did not meet safety requirements. ClearView operate ethically and responsibly by never recommending replacing a fire door unless they are beyond economical repair. We aim to carry out cost effective remedial work were possible to provide value. Our expert engineers use industry leading repair process to ensure that your fire door remedial work is carried out with the goal of maintaining the functionality of the doors, so they work as intended in an emergency. Thus, maintaining compliance, fire safety and saving you cost.

ClearView are able to provide critical spares to limit downtime of your fire rated doors, with the added bonus of achieving a very high first-time fix rate due to this proactive endeavor. All our products are of the highest standard, but they are very cost effective when compared to the cost of replacing fire doors due to being unserviceable and non-compliant. Some examples of the repairs we can undertake are below:

  • Door closers
  • Hinges
  • Locks and Latches
  • Panic bars
  • Leaf and threshold gaps
  • Glazing
  • Incorrect signage
  • Intumescent strips
  • Door hardware
  • Air grills
  • Frame damage

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Fire Door Repair
Essential to any fire safety strategy
Fire Door Maintenance

Fire doors that are in heavy traffic areas may require inspection at shorter intervals as their performance can degrade over time. The amount of use and the environment play a part in increasing or decreasing the likelihood of damage.

ClearView offer cost effective maintenance packages that can save you cost of replacing doors. The maintenance packages are bespoke and tailored to keep your fire rated doors In safe working order at low cost. Please contact our team for more details.

Fire Door Hinge

Fire Door Inspection and Maintenance
ClearView Fire Door Installers
Types of Fire Doors We Install:

When the damage to a fire doors integrity is severe, or the fire performance certificate limits the extent of repairs, the door cannot be repaired. Our certified installers will replace and install a new fire resistant door, to ensure compliance.

ClearView can supply, install, repair and maintain a wide variety of fire rated doors, to suit our clients unique fire strategies and requirements:

  • FD 30 fire doors
  • FD 60 fire doors
  • Internal fire doors
  • External fire doors
  • Oak fire doors
  • Fire resistant front doors for flats
  • Commercial fire doors
  • Glazed fire doors
  • Composite fire doors
  • Fire exit doors
  • Glass fire doors
  • Steel fire doors

Bradbury metal door

Fire Door Inspection and Maintenance
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Fire Door Installation Costs

ClearView provide cost effective  internal fire door installation and maintenance packages to suit all budgets.

We have excellent relationships with several leading manufacturers, which means we can obtain fire safe door sets at fair prices that we pass on to our customers.

Our fire door maintenance packages also represent excellent value for money as often we can repair and maintain existing doors to save you money.

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