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ClearView are fire door and passive fire protection specialists, we provide a cost-effective hassle-free service with the goal of keeping our clients safe. We are adept at installing certified fire doors and frames to exacting quality standards as part of our ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems. We also carryout fire door maintenance, surveys and remedial repair work to ensure that your fire doors will perform as designed in the event of a fire. Moreover, we ensure that your building(s) fire doors meet the statutory requirements pertaining to fire doors for legal compliance.

What is the purpose of fire doors?

Fire doors are a critical part of a buildings passive fire protection; they are designed to mitigate the risk of fire spreading through compartmentation. This is achieved because the fire doors are manufactured with fire-resistant materials that prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Certified fire door components, including frames, glass and iron components such as door closers and hinges must have been through a certified proven fire resistance test from 3rd party accredited bodies. Ultimately, fire doors contain smoke and fire for a set period which enables building occupants to escape a building in the event of a fire.

The ClearView Process


ClearView offer a professional fire door survey, carried out by our fully certified Fire Door engineers who will inspect your Fire Doors and complete a detailed report for your premises. Fire Risk Assessments and providing training to staff and visitors are a legal requirement for all blocks of flats and for any premises which employs more than five persons. The Risk Assessment must be carried out by a competent person and provide an efficient recording system such as Boris to ensure Fire resisting doors are regularly checked and compliant. See more on ClearView Fire Risk Assessments.

We have the qualifications and certification to undertake full onsite existing door and door set inspections that includes ironmongery and vision panels, to ensure compliance with all current legislation. 


We can deliver a range of different compliant and cost-effective products that protect and prolong the door whilst reducing maintenance costs. All our products are designed and tested to remain fully functional after impact and prolonged abrasion.
Our products include:

  • Composite fire door
  • Timber fire door
  • Metal fire door
  • Fire rated glazing
  • Fire door fittings

Fire Ratings
Fire ratings refer to the duration in which a fire door can remain fully functional in a fire resistance test. ClearView work with leading fire door manufacturers, supplying fire rated products. Our range includes FD30 where a product can withstand a fire for 30 minutes and FD60 (60 minutes). Although these are the most commonly specified integrity levels, we can provide increased fire rated products up to FD120, to suit the required environment.

For more information on our fire door products see here.

Bradbury metal door


Where it is not suitable to repair fire doors, ClearView will specify new compliant products to replace old and condemned installations. The appropriate installation of a fire-door set requires a fully qualified engineer and will be dependant on the survey, current legislation and fire strategy of the premises. ClearView is a 3rd party accredited installer under the IFCC.

Choosing a certified fire door installer is critical as it ensures that the fire door will hold its integrity rating and perform as it should in an emergency. Our installation service will provide you with fully compliant fire doors to help protect your staff and premises. All of our installers are trained and qualified in the replacement and installation of fire doors and all our installations are certified by the IFCC Ltd.

Following the installation, you’ll be provided with a full report and documentation on each door that has been installed. This will include photographs of each fire door along with all relevant test and data sheets.

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