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CCTV Monitoring

Our CCTV monitoring service provides enhanced security and peace of mind

ClearView's CCTV monitoring station operates 24 hours a day and 365 days per year, supporting thousands of UK sites. Our highly trained operatives can respond immediately if a threat to a person or your property. Moreover, the service also aids with keeping your CCTV system functioning correctly by reporting camera issues promptly to assist with limiting downtime of your CCTV system.

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Monitored CCTV Systems & Monitoring Specialists

CCTV Monitoring Specialists

CCTV monitoring provides security surveillance to protect you, your business, or your home from criminal activity. We use state-of-the-art technology to react to emergencies rapidly, acting as a deterrent that effectively stops intruders. Integration with public address systems allows for personalised warnings to be given to intruders before committing a crime. Our remote monitoring can provide you with ultimate peace of mind when you’re away.

Monitored CCTV for my Business
Commercial CCTV Monitoring Systems

Monitored CCTV for Commercial Establishments

cctv monitoring

ClearView specialises in all aspects of monitored CCTV systems as well as  CCTV installation and maintenance.

Our CCTV monitoring station operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, supporting thousands of UK sites. Our highly trained operators can respond immediately if a threat to a person or your property. Our values are centred around world-class service provision and technical innovation.

  • We obsess about our response times, with the end-user experience at the centre of everything we do.

Prevent theft and damage via real-time audio interventions the moment an intruder steps foot on your premises.

commercial cctv monitoring explained

ClearView remote monitoring provides security surveillance to protect you, your business, or your home from criminal activity. We use state of the art technology to rapidly react to emergencies, acting as a deterrent that effectively stops intruders, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind when you’re away.

  • Complete Visibility
    Using our service with the APP means you will know about all movements on your property from it closes until it opens.
  • More Than Monitoring
    A blend of automated and manual regular checks are carried out to ensure that your system is working as its needs to be.
  • Dedicated Support
    You will have a dedicated Key Account Manager and a Technical Support team to ensure that any issues are promptly resolved.

See our recent article highlighting the importance of monitored CCTV.

Commercial CCTV Brochure
Monitored CCTV remains an effective security measure that is proven to reduce criminal activity
What’s unique about our Remote CCTV Monitoring?

ClearView has extensive experience in a range of Perimeter Intrusion Detection methods, including:

  • Fence Detection: Microphonic Cable
  • Active IR Beams
  • Buried Copper or Fibre Cable

CCTV and Video Analytics

However, our primary detection method utilises CCTV video analytics. The sophisticated deep learning software removes up to 90% of false alarms, ensuring that our operators focus on real threats.

Intruder Response in Action

Take a look at the video below from our partner RE:SURE

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Rapid responses that are effective in an emergency situation
ClearView Remote Monitoring Processes

The process that we undertake to set up your remote monitoring through a CCTV monitoring station is as follows:

  • security risk assessment is carried out to ascertain the threats and the vulnerabilities of the site so ClearView can specify the correct CCTV system and type of CCTV monitoring.
  • Appropriate camera types and features are discussed with the client and then specified.
  • The completed CCTV proposal is sent to the client, including detailed information on the camera types, locations, and uses.
  • When the security system is installed, the CCTV cameras are connected to the monitoring station via the internet. The trained operatives monitoring your site 24/7, 365 days per year, or as the client requires, can view the images.
  • The system is then commissioned and tested as part of our quality assurance processes following our ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • When an incident occurs and an alarm has activated, the operatives at the ARC receive the camera images on their screen.
  • The operative will then proceed on agreed courses of action, such as deterring the intruder by speaking through a public address system, calling the police or emergency services or informing the keyholder.
  • During the incident, the operative will provide real-time information to the keyholder, police, or other emergency services.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

ClearView Case Studies
Immediate response from highly trained professionals
Home CCTV Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Access for Home Owners

Home CCTV monitoring on a mobile phone or tablet will typically involve a CCTV installation or set up with analytics to send push notifications when lines or zones are entered or crossed. The sensitivity and parameters for the notifications can be assessed as part of the security risk assessment process. ClearView will plan the bespoke monitoring requirements in detail to ensure that the right level of service is recommended and installed or commissioned.

Home CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV Monitoring of Residential Properties by an Alarm Receiving Centre

For enhanced protection of your home and family, we recommend a fully responsive 24/7 monitored CCTV system. This type of monitoring will provide the highest level of security protection by trained professional operators.

ClearView is a home monitoring specialist and is adept at providing rapid responses to threats at your home. We can send SIA trained security guards to your premises in an emergency or call the police on your behalf.

Monitored CCTV Police Response to Incident

ClearView CCTV monitoring prevents intruders from breaking into your home. We use innovative CCTV to detect intruders as soon as they step foot on your grounds. We then intervene with real-time audio alerts to ensure they leave your premises before any damage is done.

Protecting more than just your house

ClearView CCTV monitoring uses intelligent cameras to detect intruders as soon as they enter your premises. Highly trained professionals immediately intervene with live audio challenges, ensuring that the intruder does not have time to enter your home or steal your property.

ClearView will give you peace of mind that you never knew possible. Controlled by a unique app, our CCTV monitoring is your own personal, on-demand, remote security guard. Whether you are home alone, away from your house or just going to sleep, ClearView home monitoring gives you the comfort of knowing the staff in our 24-7 Control Centre are protecting your home.

Take a look at our home CCTV monitoring brochure.

CCTV Installation
You can't fool the technology
Video Motion Analytics Alarms

Video Motion Analytics

Video motion analytics alarms from intelligent cameras are sent to our remote monitoring centre where our unique software filters out alarms caused by non-human and non-vehicle motion. It forwards valid alerts for screen verification by our operators who review alarms for threats. The deep learning algorithms learn and evolve with every camera reviewed, becoming more accurate over time.

Reduce Nuisance Alarms

The huge reduction in nuisance alarms that the technology provides allows our operators to monitor more sites with greater accuracy, reducing the cost of monitoring overall.

CCTV monitoring station catches and deters intruder

Perimeter Detection
User friendly Monitored Camera Systems for Businesses and Homes
Proactive Remote CCTV Checks

We can also provide a pro-active electronic security system monitoring service where customers receive a regular system health check, remote system reboot and remote user playback support. Remote user playback support can be of assistance when users are unfamiliar with the operation of the site recording systems.

Proactive CCTV monitoring

Mobile CCTV Cameras
Reduce false alarms through sophisticated software and analytics that work
Monitoring CCTV Features and Uses

This section is provided if you would like to find out more information on specific CCTV features that you may be interested in for your CCTV monitoring. The links will take you to relevant videos and or pages with further details.

Contemporary Remote Monitoring Sytems

Contemporary remote monitoring systems are equipped with sophisticated features to aid operators. These features may include the following:

CCTV Monitoring in car park

CCTV Installation
GDPR Compliant CCTV monitoring
What Data does our Remote Monitoring Centre (RMC) hold?

The following information is held from your premises – all in full compliance with the Data Protection Act (DPA):

-All videos associated with alarms generated from your site. We only keep data from the cameras that showed the incident; we do not keep all recordings and images on site.

– Any audible announcements to the site

– All telephone conversations from or to your site

– This information is available to you and the police upon request

Interested in CCTV remote monitoring? Call 01245 214104 to speak to a member of our team. Please find out more about us and read our latest news or client case studies.

remote monitoring CCTV centre

How to ensure your CCTV system is GDPR compliant
Monitoring Contracts that are affordable
CCTV Monitoring Costs

It is important to note that CCTV costs and CCTV monitoring contracts are not as expensive as they once were. Cost-effective packages represent great value and peace of mind for protecting your people, assets, and home.

For remote CCTV monitoring provided by an ARC, there is usually a monthly cost written into a CCTV monitoring contract. The price will vary depending on the number and type of cameras and the kind of CCTV video analytics or the Perimeter Intrusion Detection methods used.

For home CCTV systems that are not looked after by a monitoring station, the remote monitoring cost is typically provided as part of the scope of work for the CCTV installation. There are possibly no monthly costs unless you have a CCTV maintenance contract in this scenario. However, we highly recommend keeping your system in good working order, and maintenance contracts can start from as low as £99.00 per year for home CCTV systems.

For a CCTV monitoring quote, contact us.

monitored CCTV camera

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Remote monitoring by the professionals
CCTV Monitoring Company

As one of the leading CCTV monitoring companies in the UK, ClearView has vast experience, the highest security industry accreditations and excellent processes. We provide CCTV monitoring solutions to hundreds of clients throughout the UK.

Please see our case studies for more information or contact us for a quote.

CCTV Monitoring company

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SSAIB Certified UK Monitoring Station
CCTV Monitoring from a UK Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

remote monitoring station

Compliance with British Standards

Our alarm receiving centre is based in the UK and operates to the following British standards:

  • BS 8591:2014′ Remote centres receiving signals from alarm systems.’
  • BS 5979:2007′ Remote centres receiving signals from fire and security systems.’ Code of practice
  • BS 8418:2015+A1:2017‘ ‘Installation and remote monitoring of detector-activated CCTV systems.’ Code of practice

Prevent Intruders Gaining Access

The CCTV monitoring station works to react to emergencies, such as intruders or incidents and fire emergencies at your site. In the event of an incident, an alarm signal is sent to the remote monitoring station, and the CCTV footage is displayed on the operator’s CCTV display screen. The CCTV operator can then assess the situation and bring up additional cameras to be displayed or use panning and zooming to get the best view of the incident. Once the operator understands what is happening, they can call the emergency services whilst watching the incident unfold to provide real-time information to the police or fire services.

Tailored Remote Monitoring Service

ClearView can tailor the remote monitoring service for a bespoke reaction to an intruder or an incident. The aim is to stop incidents occurring through intervention by a pre-agreed means such as:

  • Inform you as the customer
  • Use of loudspeakers with a pre-recorded message such as: “CCTV and police are recording you have been called”
  • We contact the police when an intruder has been spotted through the remote CCTV monitoring software.
  • We can also call the emergency services and inform the keyholder in the event of a fire or other emergency
Fully Accredited

Peace of mind through certification to the highest industry standards.


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