Royal School for Deaf Children Security Upgrade


The Royal School for Death Children provides education and residential provision to many students with educational, emotional, behavioural or medical problems. The school urgently needed to strengthen the security of it’s 40 acre site whilst ensuring that it was benefitting from the latest innovations in security technology.


The extensive, open nature of the site made it vulnerable to theft and damage to buildings and vehicles. The old CCTV system was no longer functioning efficiently, and there were numeric code locks in use on some doors. There was concern that the codes were widely known. Nurses work in the medical centre 24/7, which contains drugs. Their safety is paramount when called out to assist students day or night.

The ClearView Solution:

    • Improved perimeter security with the re-location and automation of the
      vehicle gates at the main entry points
    • Audio and visual intercoms to indicate a call is being made
    • Braille and audible prompts on intercom controls for visually impaired users
    • Automated doors fitted with access control and entry buttons located for wheelchair users
    • New IP intercom system integrated with the existing phone system
    • Telephone intercom points on all gates to enable them to be opened using the school’s standard phone system – essential in emergencies
    • Integrated megapixel infra-red CCTV cameras providing high definition images (even at night) – with facial recognition
    • Authorised staff can review footage from their PCs

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